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Choosing Cable Laptop Lock Security

written by: Bruce Tyson•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 1/23/2011

Cable laptop lock security solutions provide a valuable first line of defense against laptop theft. By using high-strength cables, and hardened locks that connect directly to a laptop computer, all but the most determined thieves can be easily thwarted.

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    Laptop Security Cables

    Laptop computers are usually among the items that are most frequently stolen from a home, business, or traveler. This is probably because a working laptop holds a certain among of resale value and because they are portable and easy to conceal. The loss of a laptop computer can potentially be a serious blow to its owner because of the personal and confidential information they often contain. Because of this, laptop users should be careful to maintain sensible security practices, including providing for the physical security of their laptop.

    Cable laptop lock security options provide for the physical securing of a laptop computer in order to prevent theft. Although cables can often be cut and locks can be picked, a large percentage of would-be thieves will be more likely to avoid the extra hassle and the use of conspicuous tools.

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    All in One Security Cables for Security Slots

    securitylock002 Perhaps the simplest kind of cable laptop lock security solution comes in the form of a single cable with a wrap-around loop at one end for tethering, and a key or combination lock at the other end that sticks directly inside laptop security slots. When the lock is in place, removing it is nearly impossible without causing significant physical damage to the laptop, reducing its resale value.

    Before attaching the lock to the laptop's security slot, users should first pass it through the looped end, securing the cable to an immovable object such as a pole, pillar, or support beam. Although many users will loop the end around a desk leg, the desk can often be lifted from the floor or physically removed from the desk to facilitate theft.

    Users having laptops that are not equipped with a built-in security slot can purchase a security slot adapter kit that allows users to permanently add a slot to their laptop.

    Business with a large number of laptop computers in use can use this type of cable fitted with locks that use master keys to make it easy for IT personnel to remove and relocate the computers without waiting for users to return to their desk with their key.

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    Video Port Locking Cables

    Cable laptop lock security for computers that do not have universal security slots build-in is possible using a cable that locks to the securitylock001 laptop using its video port. Devices like the one offered by Targus provides plenty of freedom to move the laptop around a work area while tethering the other end of the laptop security cable either to an anchor bracket or wrapping it around a nearby support beam or pole.

    This type of lock works by screwing on a video connector fitted with a combination lock that prevents it from being disconnected from the computer. To make it easy to connect a secured laptop computer to a projector or external monitor, the video port locking cable will usually have a pass through connector. Because most of this type of laptop security cable fastens to a VGA style connector, users must inspect their laptop to verify that it has the ability to mount this type of lock.

    Users with extremely valuable laptops may want to use a video port lock together with a traditional security slot lock to add an additional security layer.

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    Universal Screw Hole Locks

    securitylock003 Cable laptop lock security devices similar to the video port lock are available to provide an almost universal solution for laptops. These devices connect to any single standard screw hole found on a DVI, VGA, parallel, or serial device on the laptop. Although these devices make it impossible to connect a cable to the affected port, they do provide the means to secure virtually every laptop computer in use, regardless of age.

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    Choosing cable laptop lock security devices may be easier than many people think. The few differing types of cable solutions available serve to secure almost any laptop around. Users only need to choose whether they need a key lock or a combination lock and whether or not they have a standard laptop security slot available to use. Users should implement one of these physical security solutions together with laptop security software to gain the highest level of laptop security.

    Image Credits: Screen shots taken by Bruce Tyson