Why is Biotechnology Important? Find Out the Areas in Which Biotechnology is Making Great Improvements

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Biotechnology defined is the theory of applying what is known about an organism or product, such as food crops, and develop methods through genetic testing to improve and enhance the quality and production to the betterment of human kind.  So how is biotechnology applied?  There are four main areas that biotechnology can be applied in:

Health care or medical – The uses of biotechnology are vast in the medical and health care industry and are constantly being revamped and reinvented by new and on-going research and studies. Genetic testing yields many of the healthcare related applications of biotechnology.

Crop production and farming – Biotechnology has made great strides in the understanding and improvement of farming, agriculture and crop production over the past few decades. Scientists and researches are applying the theory of biotechnology in order to enhance the crops and improve the quality of food produced by crops and the techniques of farming as well.

Industrial uses of crops  - Biotechnology has many uses in the processing of industrial uses of food crops such as plastics, vegetable oil, bio-fuels and biodegradable products. This area is especially becoming popular due to the rising fuel costs and costs associated with the production of fuel products. Scientists and researchers are constantly working towards finding better and more efficient ways to produce products from crops.

Environmental – Biotechnology remains a leading way to work to improve the environment, reduce waste, and reduce damage to the environment. By applying theories and methods of biotechnology, researchers and scientists are able to work on improving and innovating new ways to produce products that are better for our environment.

Although these are the main four areas of applications of biotechnology, there are many other applications such as directing the use of organisms to manufacture organic products and to use bacteria that is naturally occurring in the mining fields called bioleaching. Biotechnology also is used to create better methods and uses to recycle, treat waste products, clean up hazardous environment agents and produce biological weapons.

In addition to the main areas of applications for biotechnology, there are also more direct applications such as red biotechnology, green biotechnology, white biotechnology, blue biotechnology and bioinformatics. These applications are all encompassed in theories and methods of biotechnology and are working to constantly improve how we live and enhance the quality of life for all organisms.