It Could be Possible for Dinosaurs and Other Extinct Species to Live Again!

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In the first ever experiment of its kind; Melbourne Zoologists were able to extract the DNA from Tasmanian tigers which was kept in sealed bottles in the Victoria Museum in Melbourne. Tasmanian tigers became extinct about 100 years ago. The extraction of the DNA from the dead tiger babies was part of a 9 year old experiment. 

The experiment provided that the tiger DNA so extracted could grow cartilage and bone in a mouse, which confirmed that with DNA extraction, it was possible to resurrect some, if not all, of the species which are extinct.  In other words, it was possible to bring back to life extinct genes. This is done using a technology known as Recombinant DNA technology, better known as Genetic engineering.  In this, DNA from one organism called vector is joined with DNA of another organism called vector or carrier and is transferred into a living organism where the host DNA expresses itself.

Till now, scientists were not able to go beyond examining the gene sequences. The experiment of the zoologists showed that it was possible to go further.

According to Dr. Pask, an eminent biologist, it should now become possible within a short span of time, to use the same methods with other species now extinct, like the dinosaur, mammoth and Neanderthal.  This was due to the large amounts of DNA now available of these extinct species.

Dr Pask claims this method can also be used in other species which have become extinct as scientists have high amounts of DNA available in these cases. The DNA of many animals was preserved in order to bring them back to life because of the belief that with further advancements in understanding the creative process, combined with always expanding technology it would one day be possible.

It was possible also to recreate extinct creatures from a single gene, said another.

So shall we be seeing Dinosaurs again? Scientists only can tell…