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About Unusual Aiplanes

written by: Tim Plaehn•edited by: Jason C. Chavis•updated: 7/23/2010

These magnificent steel birds can be quite amusing for individuals who seek to achieve thrill in their daily lives, the adrenaline rush gives them a sense of lightness. For some, these unusual airplanes are a form of meditation, a way to gain an out of body experience.

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    Northrop Tacit Blue

    A creation specifically molded to test stealth technology, the Tacit Blue was the result of diligent research that took seven years. The northrop-tacit blue analysis of the design that featured curved dimensions resulted in the conclusion that this form of design can return low radar signals. Flying 134 times before the project was shut down in 1985, the Tacit blue flew for the first time in 1982. The Northrop Tacit Blue is certainly one of the most unusual airplanes ever built.

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    Boeing Bird of Prey

    The Boeing bird of prey project was initiated in 1992 and remained a classified file in the archives of the US air force. Created to help improve stealth technology research for the US air force the bird of prey project was financed with $67 million. Featuring an array of models with astounding technologies embedded in their core the bird of prey’s first successful flight took place in 1996.

    Image Credit: Boeing Bird of Prey

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    Grumman X-29

    Conceived in a NASA research organization situated in California, the Gruman X-29 contributed towards the enhancements of technologically advanced aircraft. This unique aircraft was built and flown at the renowned NASA Ames Dryden Research facility. The basic purpose of creating these creatures of the sky was to test the functionality of the design and the technology embedded deep within its structure. The resulting research now assists engineers to help in the development of aircrafts that are to be created.

    Image Credit: Grumman X-29

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    General Dynamics A12 Avenger II

    A replacement initiative for the A-6 intruder, the prime purpose of The McDonnell Douglas/General Dynamics A-12 Avenger II was to actGeneral Dynamics A12 Avenger II  as an all weather stealth attack machine so that it can be successfully utilized by the United States Navy and Marines in their various endeavors. A highly expensive entity the Dynamics A12 avenger was shutdown in January 1991 due to several faults in its design and development.

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    Martin X-24B

    The Martin X-24 B made its debut in the autumn of 1973 and after successfully completing 10 glides and 26 powered flights; it was laid to rest in 1975. The Martin X-24B had assisted design engineers to confirm the lifting body aircraft experience.Martin X-24B 

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    Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Exceeding the deftness of any light helicopter, the Bell Boeing V-22 ospreys are considered to be at the same level as any highBell-Boeing V-22 Osprey performance airplane. Flaunting vertical takeoff technology, the Bell Boeing V22 Osprey is more cost-effective and follows safety regulations stringently. The merging together of VTOL and high-speed cruise in a singular entity resulted in the augmentation of transport applications to a superior level.

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    Bell X-1

    One of the most renowned aircrafts in the history of aviation is the Bell X-1 rocket powered aircraft, which broke the sound barrier on bell x1 14th October 1947, maneuvered by Chuck Yeager. Prior to the mission Yeager had broken two ribs in a horse riding accident but didn’t want to miss this opportunity therefore concealing this crucial piece of information from his superiors, he climbed into the Bell X-1 and came back in one piece.

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    Scaled Composites White Knight

    Honored with the prestigious Ansari X prize, the White Knight was constructed to pay homage to Spaceship One.

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    -- This was my list of unusual airplanes. Please leave a comment below, letting us know your views about these airplanes.