HandsFree Headset for Your Cell Phone - Review of Cobra

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Product Information

There are multiple versions of the Cobra HandsFree Headset available so you can find what fits you best. The options that you’ll have include the deluxe headset, the premium headset, the mini headset, and the visor hands free set. All of these options will give you the ability to utilize your mobile phone while having both hands free.

Product Features: (5 out of 5)

When you use a Cobra HandsFree Headset you will be given Bluetooth wireless technology so that there are no wires between your mobile phone and the headset itself. They have also all been equipped with crystal clear call quality and one touch use so that you can simply press a button to answer and end the phone calls that you receive on your way. The product will depend on which one you choose. It could be a headset, ear piece, or a device attached to your visor. The headsets work best as you’ll have the other parties’ voice right into your ear instead of further away like you’d experience with a visor hands free set.

How to Use: (5 out of 5)

When you first get the Cobra HandsFree Headset you will need to set it up with the mobile device that you’d like to use it with. Make sure that you have the headset turned off before you begin the process. On your headset you will have a multi-function button that you will need to hold for approximately five seconds or until the lights start to alternate. You must ensure that your mobile device is Bluetooth capable and begin searching for a new device which your mobile device’s manual will explain how to do. You will need to add a new Bluetooth device onto your mobile phone. Once things have been recognized you will need to select the “CBTH1” device and click OK. This will display in the list of devices found by your mobile phone. The password to activate things will be “0000”.

You’ll now be able to begin the use of your Cobra HandsFree Headset with your mobile device. If it doesn’t seem to set up properly ensure that the device is compatible with your mobile phone or you may need to add a trusted device to your phone which is also explained in the phone’s manual if this option is available.

The Good: (5 out of 5)

The Cobra HandsFree Headset is quite compatible with a large variety of mobile phones. The installation process is very simple so you can easily get things up and running in no time.

The Bad: (3 out of 5)

The downside of these products is that the set up may not work on the first attempt as it can take some time for your mobile phone to recognize the headset. Usually the headset will be recognized the first or second time.

The Bottom Line: (4 out of 5)

The Cobra HandsFree Headset is a great option for those that need to keep both hands free while driving or participating in any activities. With the ability to connect this headset with a large amount of mobile phones you are guaranteed to be able to add the Cobra HandsFree Headset onto your mobile phone for use quickly and easily.