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5 Tools for Tracking Time as a Home Worker

written by: Cherrineb•edited by: Jean Scheid•updated: 7/5/2011

Effective time management as a home worker can be achieved by finding ways to determine how much time you spend on each project. This helps a home worker establish a schedule and maximize his/her monthly earnings while providing good work to clients.

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    Easy Time Tracking

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    Easy time tracking is specifically designed for freelancers, independent contractors, and small business owners and gives a range of options including invoicing, managing project categories, and tracking expenses. For instance, a painter can customize reports to show how many clients, how many homes painted, and completion dates.

    Easy time tracking gives automated time tracking and a 30 days unconditional money back guarantee. Price per license start at $49.99 for 1-5 licenses with electronic order delivery once payment has been processed.


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    Harvest is an effective time management tool which allows the home worker to bill clients, monitor expenses, and track time. It provides the option to establish graphical reports to review business data for specific clients, projects, and tasks. For instance, a small business consultant with 5 clients can highlight how much time is required for non-billing activities such as filing and marketing and billable activities such as telephone and e-mail coaching.

    Harvest requires no installation, provides a monthly subscription service that the home worker can cancel, downgrade, or upgrade, and allows multiple plans such as a solo plan starting at $12.00 per month. This solo package gives 1 active user account, 20 active projects, and 30 active clients with unlimited invoices. A major plus is a 30 day trial period before a decision is required.


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    Intervals is ideal for small business such as consultants, project managers, and web designers that bill on an hourly or project basis. For example, a web designer working 60 hours may only bill for 30 hours because brainstorming and marketing can be time consuming. Time tracking includes detailed graphs and weekly timesheet reviews.

    The software is web-based with no installation. It gives a free 30 day trail period with plans starting for free without invoicing to $175.00 monthly for unlimited clients and users.

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    OpenAir is designed for project-based organizations to provide automated time and expense tracking and billing. A good example is a technical writer who is working on a team can determine his/her project contributions and receive weekly and monthly reports. This creates greater revenue since each team member knows project goals and deadlines.

    OpenAir provides a free trial offer and a home worker can contact the company for pricing details before deciding if the time management software is useful. Also, it is web-based so no installation.


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    RescueTime is a web-based time management tool for knowledge workers. A home worker can set goals and track them with optional alerts via e-mail, easy calendar controls, and category customization. For instance, a home worker can break down time spent reading professional blogs or producing client reports.

    RescueTime is great for home workers who become distracted easily and need a tool which gives easy to follow updates.


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