A Review of Online Productivity Tool Remindme

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Calendar and List Views (4 out of 5)

A business user can schedule reminders daily, weekly, or monthly. For instance, a bookkeeper can customize the calendar to receive a weekly e-mail for the due dates for profit and loss statements or vendor statements. A bookkeeper with 10 clients would increase productivity since each financial statement has a specific date and can be scheduled throughout the month instead of all client information due on the last day of the month.

Likewise, a party planner who is planning a large reception can list all task for the event. For example, common tasks would be hiring musicians, ordering food and drinks, and sending invitations so an e-mail can be sent to remind which tasks have been completed and which tasks are incomplete as of a specific date.

Event Management (4 out of 5)

All major holidays are automatically scheduled so a business user can use this for event management. A user can create an alert for a specific time of day. For example, a technical writer working on a procedures manual in early November with a due date of November 30th can have an e-mail sent on Thanksgiving day as a gentle reminder about the approaching deadline.

Also, a business user can acknowledge an event once it has been completed. The event alarms and acknowledgment area gives the option to place a check next to a completed event in the Alarm dialog box by clicking on the status box with your mouse. Also, this tool allows for constant reminders until an event is completed.

Program Options/Customization and Synchronizing (5 out of 5)

Remindme is customizable with fonts for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly style options. The Colors page in the Options dialog allows a business user to change the colors for items and themes. For instance, one specific color can be used to represent monthly inventory while another color can represent bookkeeping/invoicing.

The business user can synchronize the Remindme calendar with the Date Book/Calendar in a Palm PDA as well as Microsoft Outlook to provide a full range of flexibility and productivity.

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