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How to Create an Invoice for Your Home Business

written by: Misty Faucheux•edited by: John Garger•updated: 2/18/2010

You need to be able to bill for your work. But, what's the best way to make an invoice? Learn how to create a simple invoice using Word.

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    Simple Invoicing Format

    Every at-home contractor knows that you must bill for the work that you've done. This is usually the only way that you get paid. But, you need to make your invoice professional looking, and it needs to encompass a few things to make it complete.

    First of all, it's easiest to create invoices in either Word or Excel because you can easily update these. You should start off with a nice heading that gives the billing period, the invoice number and your name and address.

    Invoice Number:

    Billing Period:

    Contractor Name and address:

    You should remember to always update your invoice number. Many employers will not pay you if you forget to do this. Your billing period can be weekly, biweekly or monthly depending on what company for which you contract. You should put in the dates of service for that pay period.

    Next, you need to get into the meat of what you have done. Most companies want what you've done broken down by day and hours. You would put the date of when you did the work and the number of hours you spent on that work.

    Date # Hours Work Performed

    You also want to give the company an explanation of what you've done. This will remind them of the work you did, but it's also a way to explain your hours. If you did eight hours of work on January 15th, your employer is going to want to know what you did during that time.

    Finally, you want to total out your hours and total out your compensation. The total compensation will depend on whether or not you're paid a flat fee or whether or not you're paid per hour

    Total hours :

    Total Compensation Due:

    If you're an at-home contractor, you may also be required to sign your contract and date it. Sometimes, you will also have to have a manager's signature to certify that you did the work for which you are billing.

    Contractor Signature :_______________________________ Date:____________________

    Manager Signature ________________________________ Date: _________________

    This is the simplest form of invoicing. But, you should keep in mind that many companies might have their own invoice style. In that case, you should stick with their format.