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Getting Work as a Home-Based Business Analyst

written by: nataliajones•edited by: Ronda Bowen•updated: 6/22/2010

Landing work as a home based business analyst can be easy. All it takes is a strategic plan to present a professional image and traditional methods like networking and using referrals can help to complete the picture.

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    What is a Business Analyst?

    Image: Francesco Marino / The role of a business analyst is to act as a liaison between the company and its stakeholders. Essentially, the business analyst works as a consultant and reviews the policies, procedures and even structure of an organization to get a better understanding of how it performs and what is needed. The business analyst then makes several recommendations pertaining to the aspects under review that may offer the best way forward.

    Although the business analyst can get very involved in the operations of a company it is entirely possible and even common to run this business out of a home office. The question of getting work as a home-based business analyst then arises.

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    How Does a Home Based Business Analyst Get Work?

    Finding work as a home based business analyst is not that difficult if you apply a strategy. Especially in the early stages of starting out as a home based business analyst, companies may not come looking for your services, therefore you need to go to them. A few of the following methods are common ways of getting known in the field of consulting.

    Networking. It is important to be ready to talk about what you do when you are given the opportunity. This does not mean you need to be constantly advertising your business, but when it is appropriate you should be able to succinctly describe your service and why it offers value. You should also make contact with all those who may need your service now or in the future and let them know what you do.

    Becoming the Expert. Home based business analysts do not have the benefit of large corner offices and well-known company logos to promote their image, so they must work on becoming perceived as the field expert. A great way to do this is to write articles for trade journals or even the daily newspapers in exchange for a byline about your business. To showcase your work independently you might even consider investing in a business website or blog.

    Promote the Right Image. To be selected for the job a home based business analyst needs to present a professional image, despite the fact that they work from home. This means putting a proper voice mail service on the phone to receive calls, responding to messages in a timely manner and making yourself physically available when it is necessary.

    Asking for Referrals. When the job offers start to flow it pays to always ask for a referral. Company management may have information on other businesses or related companies that may be able to use your services. When you do a great job it is easy to ask for your past client to put in a good word on your behalf.

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    A home based business analyst should not have too much trouble finding and landing work, because they are experts at interpreting the needs of a business and then making recommendations. All the business analyst really needs to focus on is ensuring the company in question can have confidence in their ability to get the job done right and on time.

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