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All About Data Entry Home Based Work

written by: •edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 1/27/2011

Data Entry home based work is a good option to make money online. The Internet allows people to work from home at their convenience. This article offers a take on online data entry work.

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    Who is Eligible for Online Data Entry Home Based Work

    Data Entry Home Based Job 

    Data entry home based work is an open option for almost everyone to make money online. The only requirements for data entry home based work are a computer with an Internet connection and a person with knowledge of typing. While most clients use MS Word or Excel, some clients may ask for data entry into MS Access. Both MS Excel and MS Access are also easy. You do not need to spend hours on learning how to enter/edit data into these file formats.

    Depending upon the clients' requirements, the data entry work may sometimes require knowledge of other local dialects in a country or a language different from English. In such case, you will have to know how to type in a particular language, for example, French. You will also need to install the French fonts so that you can type in the language. In case your data entry work involves local dialects or any language other than English, your client may also ask you for the font package so that s/he can read the data that you typed. You can just zip the Fonts directory in your Windows folder and send it across.

    In short, anyone who knows computer typing is eligible for data entry home based work. If you know other languages and local dialects as well, your chances to make money online increase as other languages' data entry pays more when compared to data entry in English.

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    How to Find Data Entry Home Based Work

    I would recommend data entry home based work only if you are not good at anything else. If you have any special skills, you should try to make money online using those skills. For example, if you are good at designing, you can procure orders related to designing. This not only helps you make money online but also helps you improve your skills. Check out our article on top online business ideas to learn more about skilled work.

    In this era of Internet, where labor and skills are available for much lower costs and where location is not a limiting factor, several organizations outsource their work to freelance people who work from their home. This way, they save money by not having to hire permanent staff for a particular work. As we are speaking of data entry, there are companies that would like to save on computers and furniture. They outsource the data entry work to people at cost per record (a collection of data), thereby saving on expenses towards salary, computers, furniture etc.

    Coming back to the question- how to find data entry home based work- if you cannot think of anything else, you should conduct a proper research before picking up your first order. Data entry work should be one of the last options because the pay is often low in this field. Proper research should help you locate offers that get you a better price for your work. The research should also take into account the probability of fake offers. If an offer sounds too good or asks a huge upfront payment for offering data entry work, simply reject it. You can always trust the websites that act as agents between you and the client. They require you to register with them before they get you work. In such cases, the registration is either free or comes at a nominal fee.

    The best method to research is to network- online and offline. With several people on your side, you can always ask them about their experiences with any website or company where they have worked. You can also ask them about where to make good money online. Several websites including Elance, Guru, and StaffCentrix serve as good beginnings to a great career in data entry home based work.