Learn How to Make Any Logo Into an AutoShape in Microsoft Excel

Problem: You are looking for a fun way to kill some time while the Internet is down. Plus, you have a great business logo and you'd like to use it in Excel.

Strategy: Paste your company’s or any other logo to a worksheet. From the Drawing toolbar, select AutoShape – Lines – FreeForm, as shown in Fig. 1413. (Note: Click any figure below for a larger view of that image.)

If you're using Excel 2007 or 2010, go to the Insert tab, click on Shapes and choose the Freeform option from the Lines grouping.

This is great for drawing straight lines. Trace your company logo. Start at one corner of the logo. Click on the corner, as shown in Fig. 1414.

As shown in Fig. 1415, move the mouse to the next corner and click again.

Continue clicking at each corner. When you get back to the original corner of the logo, click again and the AutoShape will appear, as shown in Fig. 1416.

You can now move, color, re-size, and rotate the AutoShape. As shown in Fig. 1417, here is Max Cell with a little color and 3-D added in.

Result: You will have an AutoShape of your logo that you can resize or shrink to your heart’s content.

Summary: Use the Freeform AutoShape tool to draw any angular shape.

Commands Discussed: AutoShape – Lines – FreeForm

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Fig. 1413
Fig. 1414
Fig. 1415
Fig. 1416
Fig. 1417

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