How to Minimize Overlap in Excel Pie Charts

How to Minimize Overlap in Excel Pie Charts
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Strategy: You can rotate the pie chart so that smaller slices are near the front corner. Follow these steps.1) Right-click the pie chart. From the right-click menu, select Format Data Series.2) There are three tabs on the Format Data Series dialog. Choose the rightmost tab – Options.3) Use the Angle of First Slice spin button to rotate the pie in 10-degree increments, as shown in Fig. 1090. Look in the preview window to find spots where all of the labels fit without overlapping.4) Choose OK to close the Format Data Series dialog.

Result: All of the data labels are visible, as shown in Fig. 1091.

Alternate Strategy: Using the mouse, click on one of the data labels. Black Fill handles will surround all of the labels. Right-click any label and choose Format Data Labels, as shown in Fig. 1092. You can now change the font of all labels.

Alternate Strategy: Single-click on a data label to select all data labels. Wait long enough to not qualify as double-click, and do a second single-click on just one data label. Now, only one label is selected, as shown in Fig. 1093. You can now use the mouse to drag the label to a new position.

Summary: The Angle of First Slice setting on the Format Data Series dialog allows you to find the best angle, where the fewest labels overlap. You can then use the Format Data Labels to change the font or simply move one data label out of the way.

Commands Discussed: Format Data Series; Format Data Labels


Fig. 1090

Fig. 1091

Fig. 1092

fig. 1093

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