How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Home Office

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Color Purpose

When decorating a home office there are many things to consider, such as how will the colors affect your mood and your work. Although black is very popular for home offices because it exudes power, wealth and luxury, did you know that it also can cause headaches when one is around it often? White is light and airy and clean and happy but did you know that it also can cause headaches for those surrounded by it often? So what do you want your home office to do for you? It should help you feel calm and peaceful so that you are able to work well. You want to feel smart, happy and in control. You need to feel productive and energetic and all of these qualities are available to you if you choose the right colors in your home office.


Blue and green are calming and peaceful, but reds and oranges are energetic. Together you can produce a home office that keeps you feeling calm and in control and ready to take on that next project. Dark browns as well as black exude power and can make you feel in control and secure in your decisions.


Consider dark mahogany furniture and green or blue walls to lighten up the mood. Hang some pictures in orange frames and set around some vases of yellow flowers. Yellow can also make small spaces feel bigger. Green keeps you balanced and brown can make you feel secure. So as you can see used in moderation you can have your favorite colors in your home office. When you look at an item or color go with how it makes you feel and try to choose those things that bring you the feelings that you are looking to achieve in the perfect home office. Another thing you need to consider is how you like the colors that you do choose. Make sure that each item you choose feels right and it’s something that you won’t get tired of soon. Making your home office the best possible place you can is beneficial to you in the long run. It will increase productivity and quality so this is an investment that you should put some time and thought into.

3 Keys

Don’t forget the key points! Look for cheerful, productive, and security. With those 3 qualities you can’t go wrong. In choosing the correct colors for your home office if it feels good to you there is no wrong. It’s easier than you think so have fun!