Keep Your Computer Equipment Clean

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Computer Monitor

If you have a glass monitor screen, spray glass cleaner onto a soft cloth and wipe the dampened cloth on the screen, back, and sides of the monitor. Do not spray the cleaner directly onto the screen as it may seep into the electric components and damage the monitor. If you have a monitor that does not have a glass screen, it is recommended that you use plain water rather than glass cleaner to clean the screen.

LCD Monitor

Apply a bit of rubbing alcohol to a soft cloth and apply to the screen. Do not use paper towel as it can scratch the screen. Rubbing alcohol is completely safe to use and is actually used in the factories to clean the LCD screens before shipping.

Mouse & Mouse Pad

Remove the bottom cover of the mouse by turning it clockwise. Place right side up to remove the cover and ball. Wipe a cotton swab in a horizontal direction to clean the 3 rollers located inside the mouse. Remove any lint or hair that you may see inside the mouse. Replace the ball and cover. Wipe the mouse pad with a damp cloth to remove any hair and dust.


Use compressed air (also known as canned air) and spray the keyboard to remove and dust and debris from between the keys. If you do not have access to compressed air, you can also use a vacuum as long as there are no loose keys on the keyboard or clean around each key with a cotton swab.

If you have spilled something in the keyboard, promptly turn the keyboard upside sown and shake to remove as much of the liquid as possible. Use a cloth to remove as much of the leftover liquid as you can reach. Leave your keyboard upside down overnight to allow it to dry.


Turn the printer off before cleaning it. Dampen a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe down the outside if the printer, including any buttons or knobs. Plain water can also be used in place of rubbing alcohol.


Spray glass cleaner onto a cloth or paper towel and wipe the glass of the scanner to remove any fingerprints, dust, and hair. Wipe down the outside of the scanner, including any buttons or knobs, with the same cloth.