Pet Lovers' Home Office Gifts

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  1. Desk accessories: Search for desk accessories with a pet theme. This might include a pen caddy, desk lamp, or post-it notepad holder. Gain brownie points if you can locate accessories for the recipient’s favorite animal breed!
  2. Computer vacuum cleaner: this miniature version of a vacuum cleaner is great for cleaning out the pet hair that gets lodged between keyboard keys.
  3. Computer Monitor Cat Perch: This is a great gift for a cat lover who has an old fashioned monitor (not a flat panel). The cushioned perch rests on the top of the monitor and provides a comfortable place for kitty to lie.
  4. Animal shaped mouse: You can locate computer mice in just about any animal shape. There are also animal shaped wrist supports available that supports the users wrist while using their mouse.
  5. Mouse pad: Send a photo of the recipient’s pet to a company that personalizes mouse pads, such as Shutterfly or Snapfish. They will use the photo to add to a mouse pad.
  6. Calendar: Calendars come in all types. You can purchase one to hang on the wall, lie on the desk, or a daily calendar. Again, score extra gift-giving points if you get one with the recipient’s favorite breed!
  7. Dog bed: A dog bed (or cat bed) to use in the office will be a gift that both the recipient and their pet can enjoy. Be sure to purchase one that is the appropriate size for the pet who will be using it (a Pug does not need a large dog bed, nor would a Great Dane appreciate a small one).
  8. Stationary: Search for stationary (notepads, pens, etc.) that features the recipient’s favorite animal. You can also have it personalize with an actual photo of the recipient’s pet. A simple Google search should bring up businesses that will do this for you.
  9. Photo Stamps: will create stamps from any photograph. Send them a photo of the recipient’s pet and have a book of stamps made up. They are legal for use through the postal service. These cost more than the stamps you can buy at a post office, but they are well worth the price!
  10. File folders: File folders decorated in pictures of animals are a fun way to store documents that are kept on the desktop. You can get folders that show actual photos of animals, or some that have whimsical cartoons. Find some that matches the recipient’s personal taste.