How to Turn a Bedroom into a Home Office

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How to Have a Home Office in Your Bedroom

Step One: Choose your space carefully. As much as you might want to put your computer on your bed it probably is not a good idea. Choose a space in your bedroom that can hold your home office essentials neatly. If you have a corner or an indented wall in your bedroom you do not use much, use that space for your home office. Choose a space that sort of breaks off from your bedroom if you can.

Step Two: Measure everything before you start moving your home office essentials into your bedroom, especially your desk. Make sure everything will fit before you start arranging furniture in your bedroom. Create a plan for where everything will go so you won’t be trying to figure it out while you are holding up your 50 pound desk.

Step Three: Clean up. There are a lot of things we aqcuire in our home offices that we do not need and they usually only serve as distractions. Grab a trash bag and start getting rid of the things you do not need for your home office. If you are creating your home office for the first time just try to stay away from buying items that are not necessary.

Step Three: Set up a separator such as a cloth, separator or bead curtain in between your home office and your bed. It does no good to see that cozy welcoming bed when you are trying to get some work done.

Step Four: Create a schedule and stick to it. Let your family and friends know when you are working and where. Do not allow your kids in your home office in your bedroom. Set up some rules and boundaries and stick to them.

Step Five: Enjoy your home office in your bedroom. Don’t overwork yourself like so many of us do that work from home. It is important that you stick to your hours and not turn on your computer in the middle of the night because you forgot to send one more email. It can wait until morning.

Having a home office in your bedroom is not ideal, but it can work well if it must be done. You might even enjoy it!