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Windows Live ID – All You Need to Know

written by: Joli Ballew•edited by: Ronda Bowen•updated: 7/5/2011

A Windows Live ID is an email address. It is also a service provided by Microsoft. With it, you can access multiple websites using one account, including all of the Windows Live Services web pages.

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    When you want to access a Microsoft web page, specifically one that contains Windows Live Services like Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Photo Gallery, or Windows Live Mail, you log on using your personal Windows Live ID. If you’ve ever had a Microsoft Passport or a .NET account, have a Windows Live ID.

    Some of the web pages you can visit using your Windows Live ID include Hotmail, MSN, Xbox Live, Windows Live Spaces, Windows Live OneCare, and Zune. You can also use your Windows Live ID on some third party sites, like Expedia. Additionally, you can keep all Live services integrated by using your Windows Live ID with Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Mail, as well as any other Live services you use. [See Image 1]

    Windows Live ID and Windows Live Services are web-based software services, so they can help your small business communicate more effectively with clients and allow you to work when you are away from your home office. If you use Windows Live Mail for instance, and have a Windows Live ID, you can access Windows Live Mail from any computer at any time. The same goes for other Live services.

    A Windows Live ID can contain the following information:

    · User's e-mail address

    · Type of organization or group

    · Administrator status of an organization or group

    · Membership in an organization or group

    · Authorization for online parental controls

    For more information on Windows Live Services, refer to my Windows Live Services article or other Live Service articles listed below.

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    Use a Windows Live ID for Windows Live Messenger

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