How to Use Presenter View In PowerPoint 2007

How to Use Presenter View In PowerPoint 2007
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As a public speaker, I’ve tried a billion different ways to make my sessions interesting, keep my speaking extemporaneous, and yet follow a schedule and specific dialog that I’ve prepared. It’s the mastering of all of these elements (provided you actually have an appealing presentation and a semi-interesting topic) that come together to make your audience leave feeling both educated and entertained.

One of the great features in PowerPoint 2007 is the Presenter View. This view allows you to show your audience your slide deck only (as you can see in Figure 1) while you have a whole bunch of other tools at your disposal (shown in Figure 2).

For example, you might be able to see that your slide is visible with arrows to the right and left for easy navigation. There is a photostrip of slides at the bottom of your window so that you can quickly jump past slides you might decide to skip due to timing, or perhaps because you feel your audience doesn’t necessarily need that information. There is a timer (to keep you on a schedule) and a pen feature to enhance points. Best of all… you can see your notes when others cannot. So, it appears as though you are simply the wisest person alive… when in reality you have mastered the art of reading your own notes (preferably increased in font size to make it even easier).

To turn the Presenter View on you need to have more than one monitor available or a single monitor but with your system connected to a projector. Then you go to the Slide Show ribbon and look under the Monitors group (shown in Figure 3). From here you can determine the Resolution you wish your presentation to show at. You can determine which monitor you want the presentation to play on, the primary or secondary. (Note: Be prepared to get this wrong the first time, so test it out before the audience arrives. Otherwise you’ll have the audience seeing your Presenter screen with your notes… they will in effect know your secret). Then you simply have to select the ‘Use Presenter View’ checkbox.

Practice makes perfect. Try this tool out… practice your presentation before you get up in front of an audience… you’ll do a great job!


The Presenter View - What you see!

The Monitor Grouping - to turn on Presenter View