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Elements of an Effective Sales Team Vision Statement

written by: Vikas Vij•edited by: Jean Scheid•updated: 11/30/2010

Check out the key elements of your sales team vision statement, does it offer what you intend? It's important to ensure the company’s vision is in consonance with the sales team’s vision.

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    How to Write a Sales and Marketing Vision Statement

    Vision Statement of Sales Team The sales team is the lifeblood of any business organization. If the sales team has a clear vision of its future, it can pursue its sales efforts with an aim to turn that vision into a reality. This makes it useful for a business to spell out its sales team vision statement in clear and unambiguous terms so that the entire team works with a unified pursuit of that vision. There are a few critical elements that make the vision statement of the sales team effective.

    Broad Focus on the Product Line

    The primary element of any good vision statement must be on the product or service which is core to the organization and which shall remain the core business in the foreseeable future as well. For instance, a sales team vision of General Motors must focus on transportation related products. This includes the entire spectrum of transport vehicles, but at the same time it does not lose its focus from transportation to some other diverse field. This element of the vision statement makes it clear to the sales team members as well as to outsiders what is the specialty of the organization and how it envisions that specialty to grow in the future.

    Commitment to Customers

    The customer should be centric to any sales team vision statement. It must make it clear to everyone concerned how important the customer is for the organization and the entire product development and sales endeavors are based on the customer’s needs and aspirations. Delivering greatest value to the customer and achieving a customer’s respect must be intrinsic to the vision of the sales team. It can aim high in its vision statement such as having a vision to deliver the best quality at the lowest price to the customers located anywhere in the world. The vision should ideally move beyond the concept of customer satisfaction to the concept of customer delight in the core product line of the company. Brand loyalty in today’s competitive times can only be achieved when the sales team has a vision to achieve customer delight in its every sale.

    Market Share or Sales Leadership Position

    The sales vision statement is not just concerned about achieving short term sales objectives or achieving customer delight. It must also address the long term issues of consolidating its market share and its leadership position in the industry in terms of sales. The vision should spell out where the company sees itself reaching in terms of sales leadership in the foreseeable future. Alternatively, if the company is already a global market leader, the sales vision statement can aim at retaining and consolidating that position in the years to come. For instance, Hertz Car Rental Company states in its vision statement that it aims to maintain its position as the first choice brand for vehicle and equipment rental in the world. This the most important element of the sales team vision statement that describes where it sees itself in relation to its competitors within the same industry.

    How to Write the Sales Team Vision Statement

    The key members of the sales team who are entrusted with the responsibility to create an effective vision statement need to ask themselves a few pointed questions:

    • What market potential do they envision for the company’s product line in the future?
    • What has been the sales growth pattern of the company in recent years, and what kind of a realistic growth rate is envisaged for the future?
    • What is the leadership position they envision for the company in terms of sales compared to other competitors?
    • What is the core philosophy of the sales team about serving the customers and earning the customer’s trust and brand loyalty?

    The vision statement of the sales team should ideally reflect a reasonable timeframe, whether it is five years or ten years or some other duration. This helps to present the vision in a more specific and objective manner.

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