Find Out Your Intellectual Property (IP) IQ in this Quick Quiz

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Intellectual property – especially its legitimate use and reuse on the Internet as well as in daily life – is a subject that is increasingly more

First US Patent - Image from Wikipedia Commons in Public Domain

important. As the prevalence of readily and easily copyable information can be found on the Internet, many have preconceived ideas about copyright, fair use, attribution and making copies of information for their own use or to reuse.

Intellectual property use does not need to be a minefield of DMCA Take Down notices, Cease and Desist notices and misappropriation of your own IP creations. By educating yourself on appropriate practices, and knowing when you need more professional advice, you can navigate safely in the vast sea of the world’s intellectual property, and enjoy the treasures there.

How well do you know the real facts? Take this quiz and see how well you rate.

Intellectual Property

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