How to Create Lists of Links on a SharePoint Site – A 3 Step Tutorial in Creating Link Lists in SharePoint 2007

Link Lists on a SharePoint 2007 Site

Creating a link list in SharePoint 2007 requires just a few steps and you’ll be up and running with a link list on your SharePoint site in no time. Follow each step and take your time, and if you feel lost, take a look at the screenshot after the explanation to see the steps that I took. If you’re having a hard time locating certain options you’re supposed to take, look at the corresponding screenshot and find the red box. The red box will outline the area that is being explained.

Follow These Steps

Step One – Selecting the SharePoint Site

  • The first thing you want to do is know which SharePoint site you want the link list to be in. Once you’ve decided, click on View All Site Content on the upper left hand corner of the screen to start the process. In the example screenshot, I’ve chosen my Testing Links SharePoint site as the site that I want to have link lists. Be sure that you have clicked View All Site Content to make sure you’re adding the link list to the right site or if you’re having problems with the next steps. (Click any image for a larger view.)

Step 1 - Choose the SharePoint site you want to create the link list in.

Step Two – Creating the List

  • Now that you’ve selected the SharePoint site you want to create the link list in, head over to the right hand corner of the screen and click on Site Actions to see a menu drop down. From the drop down options, select Create and wait for the next page to load.

Step 2 - Creating the List in SharePoint 2007.

  • Once the Create screen has loaded, look under the Tracking column. The first option under Tracking is Links, which is the option you’ll want. Click on the Links bullet to get to the link list creation site of SharePoint 2007.

Step 2 - Creating the List in SharePoint 2007.

  • In the next screen, put in the name you want the link list to go by in SharePoint and a description of the link list. In the example I’m using, I will be posting Bright Hub articles on the SharePoint site that will be useful for the group. The name and description can be whatever you’d like it to be, but I advise that you keep the name short and the description precise.
  • For the Navigation option, you can select either Yes or No on whether you want the link list to appear on the Quick Launch. If you select Yes, a link will appear on the left hand side of your SharePoint site to your newly created link list. If you select No, users must choose View All Site Content to find and view your link list.

Step 2 - Giving the Link List a Name and Description.

Step Three – Adding Links to the List

  • Now that the creation of the list is finished, it’s time to add links into the list.
  • At the corner right hand side, look for the New option with a small arrow to the right of it. Click on the small arrow to get a drop down menu. From the drop down menu, select the New Item option to begin adding links to your list.

Step 3 - Adding New Links to Your SharePoint 2007 Link List

  • To begin adding links, enter the address to your link the URL section. In the first text box, enter the whole website address, including the beginning https:// portion of the address.
  • In the second text box, enter a description of the website. Keep the description here fairly short and concise. I would advise that you use the website’s header as the description.
  • The notes section is optional, and is a text box where you can put any additional notes regarding the link. I would advise that you use this section to enter a more full description of the web site.
  • Once you feel you’ve filled out all the required information, press the OK button to create your first link in your list.

Step 3 - Adding New Links to Your SharePoint 2007 Link List

Adding Link Lists in SharePoint 2007 – Complete

You’ve now completed your first link list in SharePoint 2007. To add more links to the list, simply go back to step three and follow the same steps. Once completed, another new link will show in your list of links in your SharePoint site. You can now share the link list to your coworkers or group members for collaboration and sharing links that are helpful for the group.