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Best Paying Non-Traditional Jobs

written by: jahunt1•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 8/6/2010

Some of the best paying non-traditional jobs for men and women are wide open with opportunity. Read on to learn more about the fields with the best potential.

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    Non-Traditional Careers for Men and Women

    Non-Traditional Jobs If you are a man or a woman looking for a unique career path, there are many great paying jobs to consider outside of the norm. Consider a career outside of the stereotypical jobs considered gender traditional. A non-traditional career is one made up of less than 25 percent of one gender.

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    Non-Traditional Jobs for Women

    800px-US Navy 100518-N-6935K-005 Aviation Structural Mechanic Airman Robert Payne and Aviation Structural Mechanic 3rd Class Kimberly Heitz performs maintenance 

    According to the United States Department of Labor 2006 statistics, the mechanical engineering field is 5.8 percent female. A mechanical engineer designs and develops technical equipment such as surgical instruments and even jet plane engines.

    A mechanical engineer must complete a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or an associate's degree from an accredited university. If you enjoy working with your hands and solving complex problems, this career choice may be for you. Engineering salaries vary by specialty; earnings can begin as little as $49,270 annually up to $134,500 annually. Read here about more mechanical engineering career opportunities: Entry Level Jobs for New Mechanical Engineers.

    Another occupation which is only .9 percent female is mechanics. If you enjoy working with your hands, putting things together and making things work; this could be a very enjoyable profession. Mechanics is not all muscles and brawn. A good mechanic must keep up with changing automotive technology and repair techniques. Most employers look for mechanics who have completed a vocational training program in auto service technology.

    Salaries for mechanics can range from $16 to $30 per hour depending upon training, education and experience. Some mechanics also receive a commission from dealerships in addition to their regular salary.

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    Non-Traditional Jobs for Men

    Nursing is a great career choice that pays well and it is not a field just for women. Currently, men make up only about nine percent of all nurses in the United States. This is a career choice that is wide open for men. More men are discovering this great opportunity of nursing as a career.

    The number of male nurses is increasing every year. Current statistics show about 20 percent of nursing school students are male. Registered nurses are the largest occupation in healthcare, accounting for 2.6 million jobs in the United States. In May of 2008, the median salary for a Registered Nurse was reported at $62,450. Read more here about a career in nursing: Different Types of Nursing Careers.

    If you love working with people and love to travel, consider a career as a flight attendant. Flight attendants were long considered as an occupation for only women. This is no longer the case. Airlines hire both men and women as flight attendants. Competition for airline flight attendant jobs is keen. A college degree and experience dealing with the public is preferable to most airlines. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the median earnings of flight attendants as $35,930 in May 2008.