Top Ten Signs of a Bad Boss

Bad Boss or Good Boss?

Signs of a Bad Boss

You have a job and therefore you have a boss. But do you have a good or a bad boss? Not sure? Here are some unmistakable signs of a bad boss.

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Top Ten Signs of a Bad Boss

Sign #10: Your boss does not enter the office building before noon but requires you to start working at seven in the morning.

Reason: There has to be at least someone in the company who is working.

Sign #9: The young secretary gets more pay than you, although you have worked longer for the company, work a lot more (actually, you have to do her work, too), and have more responsibility.

Reason: He appreciates her other qualifications which she shows freely in too little clothes.

Sign #8: Your boss is the first to enter the building, the last to leave, and hides in his office in between.

Reason: He is afraid of his employees.

Sign #7: Your boss is constantly treating you as his personal slave.

Reason: He likes sadomasochism but his wife does not.

Sign #6: Your boss never notices how well you work. However, he seems to spot every single mistake you make and points it out not only to you but to all your colleagues as well.

Reason: He was laughed at throughout his school years and does not know that praise motivates a lot more than being ridiculed.

Sign #5: Meeting your boss in the morning is like lottery. Either he smiles at you or he shouts at you.

Reason: His wife is only in the right mood on some days.

Sign #4: You do not know what your boss wants you to do. If you ask, you do not understand a word.

Reason: Your boss is from another country and does not think it is necessary to learn your language to communicate with you. Instead, he wants all his employees to learn his native language.

Sign #3: Your boss locks the doors once all his employees are inside.

Reason: The working conditions are so bad that he fears you might flee.

Sign #2: The only way of communication your boss knows is shouting at you. Especially when his boss is around.

Reason: He is afraid of his boss and wants you to be afraid of him, too.

Sign #1: However, the clearest sign for having a bad boss is not noticing that you have a boss at all!

Reason: He has long since left the sinking ship while you steer into catastrophe.

Did you recognize your boss? Yes? Then you better start watching out for another job. No? Congratulations, most probably your boss is one of the good ones. However, don't be too sure of that. Watch out for signs of a bad boss as they can begin any day. See the red lights before it is too late!