Adobe Flash Tutorial: The Most Important Adobe Flash Keyboard Shortcuts for New Users

Learning Adobe Flash

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Adobe Flash has become one of the best known programs for developing animation and interactive web content around, and Adobe Flash tutorials are multiplying around the internet. The ability for Adobe Flash to tie into programs like Adobe After Effects and even Adobe Photoshop is creating a huge surge of use, though it has already staked its claim as one of the leaders in its field. Like any digital video software, the Adobe Flash keyboard shortcuts have become a central part of use and they are really what separates the amateurs from the professionals. Here is a look at basic Adobe Flash keyboard shortcuts for the Mac version that you are going to need to know right from the start.

Starting Adobe Flash Keyboard Shortcuts

Some of the Adobe Flash keyboard shortcuts are not even for working in the project and are instead just for managing the project as a whole. Here are a few of the Adobe Flash keyboard shortcuts that will help you deal with the software itself, and you will notice that some of these Adobe Flash keyboard shortcuts are the same as standard Mac keyboard shortcuts.

  • New – Command and N
  • Open – Command, Option and O
  • Close – Command and W
  • Close All – Command, Option and W
  • Browse in Adobe Bridge – Command, Option and O
  • Import to Stage – Command and R
  • Export Your Movie Project – Command, Option, Shift and S
  • Publish Your Settings – Option, Shift and F12
  • Undo – Command and Z
  • Redo – Command and Y
  • Copy – Command and C
  • Cut – Command and X
  • Paste in Place – Command, Shift and V
  • Paste in Center – Command and V
  • Duplicate Selected – Command and D
  • Select All – Command and A
  • Find and Replace – Command and F

Timeline and Playback

Once you begin working in the Timeline and are looking to control the playing of the videos then you are going to need to jump into another

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layer of Adobe Flash keyboard shortcuts.

  • Remove Frames from Timeline – Shift and F5
  • Copy Frames from Timeline – Command, Option, and C
  • Cut Frames from Timeline – Command, Option, and X
  • Paste Frames from Timeline – Command, Option, and V
  • Clear Frames – Option and Delete
  • Play – Enter
  • Forward One Frame – "."
  • Backward One Frame – ","
  • Test Movie – Command and Enter
  • Simple Frame Actions – Command, Option and F
  • Simple Buttons – Command, Option and M
  • Mute – Command, Option and M
  • Snap to Grid – Command, Shift, and "’"
  • Snap to Guides – Command, Shift and ;
  • Snap to Objects – Command, Shift and U

Modification Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some of the primary Adobe Flash keyboard shortcuts that you are going to start off when "modifying" your working project. These Adobe Flash keyboard shortcuts may not be useful until you are into your project.

  • Document – Command and K
  • Advanced Smooth – Command, Option, Shift and M
  • Advanced Straighten – Command, Option, Shift and N
  • Distribute to Layers – Command, Shift and D
  • Convert to Keyframes – F6
  • Convert to Blank Keyframes – F7
  • Convert to Symbol – F8
  • Scale and Rotate – Command, Option and S
  • Bring to Front – Option, Shift and Up
  • Bring Forward – Command and Up
  • Send Backward – Command and Down