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Top 8 Video Editing Furniture Pieces You Need

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 5/23/2011

Here is a look at some of the most important pieces of furniture you are going to need when putting together your video editing workstation.

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    Video Editing Furniture You'll Need for a Proper Workstation

    The non-linear video editing workstation may be built around editing software, like Final Cut Pro 7, and a computer, but that is not all that it entails. In reality you need an entire setup to really get yourself prepared to handle both the equipment needed in video editing and to position yourself right for the task. Here is a list of eight pieces of video editing furniture that you are going to need for a proper workstation suite.

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    1. Wide Desk

    You are going to need an accessible desk that is both very stable and holds a large amount of surface space. You are likely going to want to have two monitors, speakers, portable hard drives, tape decks, places for DVDs and DV tapes, and other peripherals all around you. This means you are going to have to have enough room to support all of these items. Try to find a desk that can handle a varied amount of weight and is going to be able to allow you to spread out all your items on it.

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    2. Comfortable Computer Chair

    The next piece of video editing furniture you're going to need is a comfortable computer chair, this is going to be more crucial than you could even think for your editing workstation. Great editing comes in several hour blocks of time and you are likely going to be putting a lot of these in. This means that you need to have a chair that is not going to cause you back pain from your sitting position and is going to be comfortable enough that your attention can stay focused on the creative tasks of video editing.

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    3. Desk Lamp

    A desk lamp with a daylight balanced bulb in it is a very important piece of video editing furniture for a number of reasons. First, you are going to have a lot of paperwork and different items around you, so you are going to want to be able to see them. Oftentimes, you will be editing without an overhead light on, so it is good to have a small desk lamp nearby. Second, when color correcting you are going to want to be able to see the image with a daylight balanced light nearby to check how it fairs in different lighting situations.

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    4. Organizing Drawers

    There are a lot of small items that come into play when you are editing. You are going to have to keep common office supplies somewhere, store and catalogue tapes and digital storage formats, and generally keep yourself organized. Try to acquire a small drawer set that can go off to the side of the regular desk area. These can be purchased at almost any big box store for a menial price and can be one of the most useful pieces of video editing furniture.

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    5. Adjacent Table

    One must-have piece of video editing furniture is actually one that is not where the video editing computer actually is. Instead, it is an adjacent table that lies perpendicular to your desk. This allows you to have another surface to write or do different things on that will take a larger range of motion that is allowed by a large video editing computer setup. If you put it directly next to your other desk then you can easily swivel over to it without excessive motion.

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    6. Plastic Desk Chair Mat

    Since you are going to be using a desk chair that will need to have the freedom to move around easily on its wheels, it is vital that you get a plastic desk chair mat. Without this you will not be able to have the motion you need from your office chair on a carpet surface.

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    7. Extra Large Mouse Pad

    Though a mouse pad does not conventionally fit under the umbrella of video editing furniture, it is a non-computer piece of equipment that is going to be very necessary. You are going to have to do sweeping motions with your mouse when you are editing and you are going to need a mouse surface that is going to be large enough to accommodate that.

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    8. Shelving Unit

    You are going to be using your video editing workstation for lots of non-linear video editing projects, and your video editing computer is not something that just comes and goes. Non-linear video editing is difficult and you are likely going to have to establish a space where books and documents that you can use for reference when working in your video editing workstation. A good sized shelving unit is going to very important for this and can just be put to one side of your desk.