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Dangerous Situations for Digital Video Cameras

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 8/17/2009

Here are some particularly dangerous situations for digital video cameras and ways to deal with them.

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    Danger Digital Video

    Digital video cameras are relatively resilient, but only to a point. Even more so than traditional film or video cameras, digital video cameras rely on sensitive equipment that must work in harmony with other types of digital technology. Trauma or damage to the digital video camera is going to cause issues to its storage devices, chip set, and camera functions in ways that will be both surprising and unintended. With this in mind it is important to gauge all video situations and figure out exactly what type of risk those situations hold for damage to the digital video camera. Many times filming requires you to be in an environment or event that is not ideal for camera safety. Here are a few dangerous situations that should either be avoided or specially prepared for as to avoid problems with your digital video camera equipment.

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    One of the main issues with filming outdoors is going to be the weather, especially when it comes to moisture. Rain or condensation of any type can create a serious issue for the digital video camera. This can also include high humidity because it can cause water droplets to form within the digital video camera. Open rain should be avoided at almost all times unless you have very complete covering and protecting shields for the digital video camera.

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    Large crowds, especially where they may be volatile and unpredictable, are going to be difficult for digital video camera safety. These situations can range from music concerts to protests, all of which are usually important locations for your film project if that is inspired. With these you may not be able to avoid the process in general, but it would be best to keep your distance from tight crowded locations and have one or two people not controlling the camera to keep people at a distance and protect from any possible damage. If conflict breaks out you have to make sure that the digital video camera is not at the center of it. In these situations it is best to have a little bit of physical distance from the main action.

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    Cars are always going to be difficult, whether you are trying to film into them as they are moving or out of their windows. This is often an important aspect of film projects as scenes often take place inside cars. Use common protective features and avoid letting the camera ever being placed outside of the moving car.