Using Motion and Animation Video Techniques with MoGraph for R10.5 and Adobe After Effects Pro WIndows

What are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are graphics that use video and/or animation techniques to create the illusion of motion or a transforming appearance. Adding audio effects one could create George Lucas quality effects. With so many built-in features and programs on new computers, anything is possible with animation graphics.

Motion graphics have had a swift rise in popularity in recent years. Traditionally reserved for high-end special effects films, animation is now coming to the consumer, and gaining more and more popularity.

Many motion graphics animators learn several 3D graphics packages for use according to each programs’ strengths. Although many trends in motion graphics tend to be based on a specific software’s capabilities, the software is only a tool. Once the perfect program is found, it is at the mercy of one’s imagination. Standing in place of confusing pro programs, are a variety of user friendly tools for all artistic skill levels.

Taking inspiration from techniques such as the Collage or the Pastiche, motion graphics have begun to integrate many traditional animation techniques as well, including stop-motion animation, cell animation or a combination of both.

Commercials and movies have both expanded their use of animation techniques to entice their audience and create truly inspired illusions.

Cutting-Edge Effects Programs

MoGraph for R10.5

Quick workflow, fast rendering and easy export to compositing applications have long established CINEMA 4D as a staple among motion graphics artists. With the MoGraph module motion graphics artists can feast upon a buffet of powerful tools that make it easy to create everything from flying logos to abstract effects. In addition to good graphics it offers consumer friendly menus.

Adobe After Effects Pro Windows

Adobe After Effects is widely recognized as the essential tool for motion graphics and visual effects. After Effects boosts your efficiency with superior performance and the right tools that enable you to work both faster and smarter. After Effects delivers powerful features that help you to be visually innovative, meet production challenges, and deliver the quality results your viewers expect. Designed for the most demanding production environments, After Effects Professional combines the core 2D and 3D compositing, animation, and effects tools from the Standard edition with advanced motion tracking and stabilization controls, additional keying and warping tools, additional effects, a particle system, Render Automation and network rendering, 16-bit per channel color, and additional audio effects.


After Effects 7.0 Professional for Mac. The industry standard for motion graphics and visual effects

Adobe® After Effects® 7.0 Professional software containing all the features of After Effects Standard plus 32-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) color support, Timewarp, motion tracking, keying tools, and much more. Compare the features offered in the Professional and Standard editions.


  • Superior Output and Extensive File Format Support – Produce professional output for film, video, DVD, and the web in virtually every output format imaginable with the Render Queue. Simultaneously perform multiple renderings of a composition to different formats, and batch render files for greater efficiency.
  • Professional Color Correction – Adjust the color of footage and other layer elements using color-correction tools similar to those in Adobe Photoshop® software, as well as Color Finesse™ for high-end corrections.
  • Unmatched Adobe Integration – Experience an efficient Adobe workflow: Import Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator® files with attributes preserved, and, in Windows®, import Adobe Premiere® Pro projects, add motion to static Adobe Encore® DVD software menus, export After Effects projects as Adobe Premiere Pro projects, and more.
  • Redesigned, Unified User Interface – Work within an elegantly redesigned interface featuring workspace panels that dock and group for optimal organization, eliminating overlapping windows. Save custom workspaces, control UI brightness, and more.
  • Adobe Bridge – Simplify the everyday tasks of asset management with Adobe Bridge, which offers powerful ways to browse and search digital assets, preview and apply presets, work with metadata, manage files, and run batch processes.
  • Flexible 2D and 3D Compositing – Composite and animate in 2D or 3D space using multiple cameras, lights, and intersecting layers.
  • Timesaving Animation and Behavior Presets, Plus Project Templates – Produce great-looking animations quickly using hundreds of fully customizable Animation Presets, including presets for animating text, effects, transitions, backgrounds, and behaviors. Use included project templates for DVD motion menus and motion graphics backgrounds.
  • Nondestructive Vector Painting – Paint nondestructively on layers to clean up footage, draw masks, clone elements, and create animations.