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Christian Film Production and Distribution

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Rhonda Callow•updated: 12/30/2010

Here is a look at a few prominent Christian film production and distribution companies.

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    Christian Film Jobs

    The standard world of professional video production is one that is in the secular commercial world, ranging from commercial and client based work all the way to the feature film industry. For those who are trying to keep a Christian focus on their projects, and in their own video production career, there is actually a niche market of production companies and film distributors that are dealing with Christian oriented projects and clients. Here is a look at a few of the more prominent Christian film production and distribution companies that you may want to look into if you are going to try and stay on the religious side of the business when looking for video production jobs.

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    Big Idea Productions

    LIFE Cover WEb For those that are trying to work in computer animation in the professional film world but still focus in on production companies with a Christian outlook, then you are going to be looking for a Christian film job in a small niche of an already specific market. Big Idea Productions is actually a Christian oriented production company that dials into mainly computer animation programming that has a youth religious message. Big Idea Productions became most famous because of their Veggie Tales series and films, but they have also had other programs that have aired on channels like Gospel TV. Since they have diversified their Veggie Tales property this may also be a good Christian production company to go if you also want to work toward web development, product development, and other elements.

    Big Idea Productions Website

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    Advent Film Group

    If you are looking for video production jobs in the Christian feature film industry you are going to have to look harder than if you wanted to be involved in home and instructional videos, but they are definitely out there. The Christian film production and distribution company Advent Film Group is based around the development, production, and release of their films, keeping the entire process internal to their company. Their films actually have taken up more controversy than other Christian film production and distribution companies, and their recent direct to video feature Come What May dealt with efforts to repeal abortion laws. The creator, George Escobar, began among different large scale media companies and has now begun producing these projects employing a whole range of different crew members. This means that in the productions themselves there will often be younger children who are acting as students getting experience on set. This may be one of the best places to try to start off with a Christian film job since it is built around the development of new projects so that Christian filmmaking can have a life of its own operating outside of the regular studio environment.

    Advent Film Group

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    Sherwood Pictures

    For those who have looked at Christian film production and distribution companies the name Sherwood Pictures has likely come up since Sherwood Pictures Logos 05 it has had such prominent crossover films like Fireproof. Now in production on their fourth film, Sherwood Pictures has really been a bottom-up independent film company that used $20,000 in private donations to film their first feature. Right now they are finishing their fourth feature film, and all of their projects are really orchestrated by the president and director Pastor Alex Kendrick in a very internal way. This is going to be a church focused company at its core and the Christian film jobs that they may end up providing will likely be on a project by project basis, but will continue to be a good source of film internships for Christian students.

    Sherwood Pictures Main Page