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ArtRage - A Simple Yet Powerful Painting Tool

written by: •edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 6/30/2009

ArtRage is a painting tool which provides oil painting and pencil sketching. You can add some stylish creativity to your projects with this tool. Read on to learn the great features will surely impress you.

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    ArtRage is painting software that is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. As a DTP professional you can create stylish sketches and painting is very easy. It provides very simple and basic tools for painting which makes it easier to use. With ArtRage you can paint with oil brush, air brush, pencil, chalk, and much more.

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    Installation & Setup

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    ArtRage is very easy to install in your system. It takes only 2-3 clicks and installs very quickly. You can change the default directory and shortcut icons.

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    User Interface

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    ArtRage has very simple user interface. The main window contains all of its handy tools that can be used while painting and a canvas that fills the entire window. Everything is well managed and accessible through the main window only. Some nice effects are added with the tool bar and menu bar which makes it even more attractive.

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    ArtRage has many features and variety of controls that perform common operations. Its starter edition is available for free. But some good features are not available in the starter edition. To unlock those features you have to buy the full edition of ArtRage. Its starter edition allows you to paint with oil brush, pencil, chalk, and sketch. But with the full version you can get lot more painting tools.

    ArtRage is fully loaded with handy painting tools which you generally use in your daily work. Its main window contains everything including the tools panel and drawing area. All panels have grips and panel can slide in or out of the screen just by clicking on these grips. There is a new file panel which appears when you create a new painting. This panel lets you set the size of the new painting and lets you set the properties of the paper you are going to be painting on. When you start painting, a tool picker will appear on the side of the main window. It allows you to select the tool you wish to use for painting on canvas. You can also set the size of the tool ranging from 0-100%. There are so many tools available on the tool panel which includes an oil brush, pencil, palette knife tool, airbrush tool, chalk tool, glitter tool, paint roller tool, paint tube tool, sampler tool, crayon tool, eraser, and many more. You can also set some properties like dryness, hardness, pressure, and softness for an individual tool with the tool setting panel. There is a color picker given on the right bottom corner. You can select current color from the color picker. You can also set the hue and saturation of the color with the color wheel which is beside the color picker tool. With the help of slider you can increase or decrease the brightness of the color.

    There is one more panel is attached with the canvas window, the toolbox. This toolbox contains tools for manipulating the canvas. You can move or rotate the canvas and boxes of the item that you might want on the canvas. ArtRage also supports layers, layer groups and layer blend mode.

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    Price to Value

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    Artrage starter edition is available free of cost but some of its nice tools and features are locked in the starter edition. To unlock these features you can buy full edition of ArtRage in just $25.

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    ArtRage is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. It also supports PSD files and layers. You can save your painting in Artrage file format.

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    Final Tag

    ArtRage is nice painting tool which provides stylish painting and many features in such a low price. You can get starter edition for free and it is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. It has many tools which can add nice effects to your painting.

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