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Create Professional Flash Animations and Web Pages Using SWiSH Max2

written by: •edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 6/30/2009

SWiSH Max2 provides a collection of tools to help you create flash animations with ease. It also provides script support for advanced users. This tool is really superb, and in the hands of skilled DTP professionals, can offer another means to draw in new clients and increase income in the process.

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    SWiSH Max2 Overview

    SWiSH Max2 provides a comprehensive collection of tools to create flash animations and websites. There are loads of multimedia effects to choose from and you can also incorporate scripts in your projects. SWiSH Max2 also offers a collection of basic and advanced editing options to help you create and edit objects and text. It allows you to import images, sounds, and video files and use them to create flash animations, image sequences, and GIF animations.

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    Installation & Setup

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    The installation of SWiSH Max2 is very quick and easy. Here you can change the default installation path if you need to change it otherwise the installer does the rest.

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    SWiSH Max2 User Interface

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    SWiSH Max 2 has a very well managed user interface and all the tools present are just a click away in the toolboxes. There is a very handy timeline interface that allows you to coordinate all your work in a time frame. All the objects inserted allow property configuration, transformation and reshaping etc. using the docked window boxes. You can also find a window that allows you to monitor the overall outline of the project and also add components, content and effects with ease.

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    SWiSH Max2 Features

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    SWiSH Max2 provides with a whole set of professional tools to easily create flash animations, image sequences etc with ease and panache. It comes with the entire set of basic image editing tools with more advanced tools for motion control, transformation and perspective management.

    There are a variety of drawing tools that allows you to create and modify objects as per your needs. You can also easily align the objects to the work area using the various grid lines and alignment tools. All the tools can be easily accessed using shortcut keys making your work easier and quicker.

    There are a variety of multimedia effects to choose from. You can easily drag and drop the components and then choose the transition effects from one frame to another. It also has a preview feature that allows you to see the animation sequence before exporting.

    SWiSH Max2 allows you to easily import various image, audio, video etc. files into your animation projects. It also provides an option to export SWF movies easily to any flash application with all the included images, audio and video. There are also some compression features to keep the files small in size. It can also export your projects to AVI, EXE, GIF Animation file formats and even HTML files with scripts and templates.

    A powerful script editor in SWiSH Max2 allows you to incorporate scripts into flash animations. The script editor also helps in finding and correction of errors in the script easily.

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    Price to Value

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    SWiSH Max2 allows free trial usage for 15 days after which you have to register and buy the software. You can buy the full version for $149.95 and use its features for professional web and graphics designing.

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    SWiSH Max2 provide all the tools needed to create professional flash animations and incorporate them into web pages. It provides powerful editing tools with a variety of multimedia effects and script support.

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    Final Tag

    SWiSH Max2 is the perfect tool for all professional flash web designers and graphics designers. It comes with all the necessary tools and utilities in one comprehensive package. It also has powerful script support to help create professional animations.

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