Pucker Up for Free Printable Valentine Cards: 4 Sets of Downloadable Cards Available

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. – Albert Einstein

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday, but it can get expensive to purchase cards for friends and loved ones. Give a more meaningful and personalized gift by writing and printing your own card (not to mention cheaper–but you seriously should probably not mention that).

I’ve designed four packs of cards, each with at least three different cards contained within them. These cards fit every Valentine’s Day card scenario you can think of, so you can pass them out to friends and family, sweethearts, the classroom, and even coworkers! You will need WinZip in order to download and extract the files. All of the cards are quarter fold, which you can learn how to fold here: Quarter Fold Card Template.

Sweet Valentines Day Collection


Sweet Valentine’s Day Collection includes four cards with vivid and brilliant photos taken by photographer D Sharon Pruitt of the sweetest candy scenes you would ever hope to see! This includes a card featuring rainbow candy sticks, piles of colorful sprinkles, a sweet candy bouquet and even a child holding handfuls of mouthwatering taffy! The inside of the card reads, “Hope You Have a Sweet Valentine’s Day!”

Perfect for kids to pass out in the classroom, or to print out and give to all your friends who have a sweet tooth!

Colorful Hearts Collection


The Colorful Hearts Collection includes four different cards with a cute heart graphic on the outside in one of four different colors: Blue-Green, Green, Purple and Red! This jewel toned set is great for passing out to friends and family, and is simple enough that most children should have no problem passing it out in the classroom as well.

Inside text matches outside graphic color and reads “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Punny Animals Collection


Who doesn’t love an animal pun every now and again? With the Punny Animals Collection, you get three cute animal themed cards. A pair of cuddling cats lying in the shape of a heart declares, “Being with You is Purrrfect,” a cute puppy asks “Will You Be My Doggone Valentine?” and an adorable pair of monkeys state, “I’m going ape over you!”

Please note: Some of these cards are landscape orientation, but you will still fold them according to quarter fold.

All of these images are licensed under the creative commons for personal use from various photographers on Flickr.

Super Sweet & Cute Collection

He Loves Me

If you’re just looking for a cute cover and prefer to work on your own message inside, I scoured the internet for some incredibly cute pictures to adorn the front of your cards while leaving the inside blank for you to wax poetic yourself! Some of these cards are landscape orientation as well.

The Super Sweet & Cute collection includes a daisy reading “He loves me”, a cute little heart next to a rubber ducky, an “Eat Your Heart Out!” clay heart scene, and an adorable baby receiving a kiss on the cheek.

All of these images are licensed under the creative commons for personal use from various photographers on Flickr.