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Free Winter Newsletter Templates

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 11/17/2010

If you are looking for free winter newsletter templates to create your newsletter, take a look at the templates in this guide. These templates can be customized so that you have the newsletter you want to send out.

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    Newsletter Templates

    This list will provide you with four winter newsletter templates. You can visit each template by clicking the link given. Follow the download instructions provided for each template and download the one you want to your computer. Two of these templates can be opened in any word processor and two can only be opened in Word. I will let you know which is which in each section. Take a look at these four winter newsletter templates to see if you can find one you can use.

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    Snowflake and Reindeer Template

    free-newsletter-snowflake This template is beautifully laid out with soft pink and green colors. On the newsletter template are snowflakes and reindeer flying. The free winter newsletter template can be downloaded and used in Word. To download this template, click here and wait for the page to load. Click the Download button at the top of the preview. On the following page, accept the terms and click the Download button on the page that loads. A box will then open and ask you to save your file to your computer. Click Save and the template will be saved to your computer. From there, you can open the template in Word and edit it.

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    Snowman and Tree Template

    free-newsletter-snowman Next up in this list of free winter newsletter templates is the snowman and tree template. This is a beautiful blue newsletter template with trees and a snowman. You can edit this template in any word processor. To download this template to your computer, click here to first load the page. Next, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page that loaded. Then you can click the Download link. That will open a box and you can click Save to save it to your computer. Once it has downloaded, open it in the word processor you use. Then you can edit it.

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    Snowman Template

    free-newsletter-snowman2 Here you will find another snowman and tree newsletter template. This template is laid out a bit different than the above newsletter template. To download this template, click here to load the page. Then click the download link under the template and a box will open. In this box, you will need to save the template to your computer. Once it is finished, go to the location you saved it in and double click it to open it. Open it in your default word processor and edit it from there.

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    Reindeer and Snowflake Template

    free-newsletter-reindeer The last template in this free winter newsletter template guide is the reindeer and snowflake template. This template can be opened in Word and edited. The template consists of two colors of blue, a reindeer, and a beautiful snowflake. This makes for a wonderful winter newsletter template. You can download this template here. On the template's page, click the Download button at the top and accept the terms. Click the Download button on the following page and save the template to your computer. When the download is finished, you can open it in Word and create your newsletter.