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10 Great Free Hearts Backgrounds for DTP Projects

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 11/11/2010

In this guide, you will find links to 10 free hearts backgrounds that can be used in any DTP project. Each background in this guide has a link to that background and download instructions. You can use these backgrounds for greeting cards, scrapbook layouts, and more.

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    Heart Backgrounds for Your DTP Projects

    The hearts backgrounds in this guide can be used for many DTP projects. These backgrounds could be used to create wallpaper, scrapbook backgrounds, PowerPoint backgrounds, greeting card backgrounds, and more. Each hearts background in this guide is linked. You can follow the link to the page and from there download the background to your computer. With each background, I have provided instructions on how to save the heart backgrounds to your computer. The last four are all saved the same, so simply follow the link for each background and save it the same way.

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    Free Purple Hearts Background

    purple hearts This is a free purple hearts background that you can download to your computer and use. To download the background, click this link to open the page. When the page loads, you will see the download link below the hearts background. Right click on that link and click Save Link As in the menu that opens. When the save box opens, save the background to your computer and then open it to use it.

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    Pink, Blue, & Purple Hearts Background

    multi-color-hearts This hearts background has pink, purple, and blue hearts. You can open this background by clicking here. To download the background, you will need to right click on the image and click Save Image As in the menu that opens. Save the background somewhere on your computer. Go to that location to open the background once it has downloaded.

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    Black and Red Abstract Heart Background

    black-red-abstractheart This is a really cool heart background. This background has a red abstract type heart on a black background. Open the background by clicking this link. Then right click the background and click Save Image As in the menu that opens. Save the background to your computer and open it from the location you saved it.

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    Red Glass Hearts Background

    red-glass-hearts This is a red glass hearts background. You can open this background by clicking here. Once it is loaded, you can right click the background and click Save Image As. Save the background to somewhere on your computer and then open in the program you are creating your project in.

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    Soft Hearts Backgrounds

    soft-hearts This is actually a background package. There are four heart backgrounds in this package and you can download all of them at one time. These heart backgrounds are for Illustrator, but can also be used for other things. Click here to open the hearts page. Then click the link at the bottom of the background to download it. Save it to your computer and unzip it when it is finished.

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    Pink and Green Hearts Background

    pink-green-hearts This hearts background would be great for creating scrapbook pages. To open this page, click here. You can right click on this hearts background and save it to your computer by clicking the Save Image As link. Then you can load the background in the program you want to use.

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    More Hearts Backgrounds for You to Download for Free

    blue-glowing-hearts The four links below are all linked to a different hearts background. You can click each link to open the backgrounds. To download them, you will need to click the "Click Here to Download This Background" link. Then save the background to your computer. Unzip the background and use it in your DTP program.

    Blue Sparkle Hearts Background

    Shiny Green Hearts Background

    Pink Starburst Hearts Background

    Blue Glowing Hearts Backgroundgreen-glass-hearts 

    pink-soft-heart black-glowing-hearts 

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