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Finding Great Retro Digi Stamps for DTP Projects

written by: Amanda Presley•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 11/9/2010

With digi stamps becoming popular very quickly, they are popping up all over the web. However, some of the digi stamps you may be looking for, like retro stamps, are hard to find. In this guide are three sites that offer retro digi stamps.

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    Retro Digi Stamps

    retro-digi-stamp-intro Finding great retro digi stamps is a bit hard. When you try to find retro digi stamps, you may get frustrated because you will hit a lot of dead ends. There are only a hand full of sites that offer retro digi stamps, and I have three in this guide. The retro digi stamps range from $2 to $5 on most sites. Some of the sites offer retro digi stamp packages, and others offer a single digi stamp. You can purchase the stamps and download them to your computer for further use. Continue below to see if you can find the retro digi stamps you are looking for.

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    Retro Girl and Boy Digi Stamps

    Up first in this guide is the In Style Stamp site. On this site, you will find a couple of pages of retro digi stamps. This website offers mostly retro-digi-stamp-instylestamps girl and boy retro stamps. The boys and girls on this site are in different costumes like nurses and milkmen. All of the digi stamps on this site are $3 except for the milk truck digi stamp which is $2. To get the stamps on this site, you can click the stamp you want and then go through the check out process. Once you check out, you can download and print your stamp. To visit In Style Stamp's retro digi stamps, click here.

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    Retro Digi Stamp Signs

    If you are looking for retro digi stamp signs, check this site. On Designer Digitals, you will find a set of retro style price signs. You can retro-digi-stamp-designerdigitals purchase the entire set for $2.09. On this page, you will see the thumbnail on the right side of the description. Click the thumbnail and you can view a larger image of the signs you will get. Some of the signs you will find in this set include Coffee for 5 cents, Soda for 5 cents, and Ice Cream for 5 cents. If you want to purchase the stamps on this site, you can add the set to your cart and check out from there. Then you can download the retro sign stamps to your computer. Click here to visit the Designer Digitals site.

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    Retro Robot Digi Stamps

    retro-digi-stamp-mygrafico The last site in this guide is MyGrafico. On this site, you will find retro robot digi stamps. The robot stamps are sold as a package and can be purchased for $3. You will get five different robots, bolts, and a Happy Birthday sign. These stamps can be used for many things like scrapbooking and birthday parties. If you want to purchase this package, you can scroll to the bottom of the MyGrafico page and proceed to check out. Once you have made your purchase, you can download the retro robot digi stamps to your computer. Click here to visit MyGrafico's retro robot digi stamps.