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6 Websites to Download Funeral Programs

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 3/6/2017

A free funeral program template makes life a little easier for people that find themselves in the unfortunate circumstances of dealing with death. We all know death is an inevitable fact of our existence but it is still often an unexpected event fraught with emotion and difficulty.

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    Creating a funeral program can be a way to help a family member honor and pay tribute to the deceased. The program is a keepsake for all that cared for them to take home from the funeral. Making one can be a cathartic process. With all the other costs associated with death, taking on the task of creating a program at no cost, can be one less burden to feel the strain of.

    We’ll give you ten good resources, along with some tips to help you in this task. As you’ll see below, there is a certain amount of latitude in terms of format, design, and room for images in the resources given.

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    Design Your Own

    Want to create your own program? Bright Hub has a useful article on this subject entitled Sample Layout for Funeral Program. This article provides a visual example of a funeral template and ideas on what to include.

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    This Funeral Program Site ( offers a free download of a template with no images included. This allows you to personalize it iwth your own image and summarize the highlights of a loved one's life. This download could make an appropriate keepsake of the event.

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    Microsoft Word Template

    Funeral Programs - The free funeral program template available at is geared toward a Catholic Funeral Mass and read for use in Microsoft Word. Includes two black images and lots of space for customizable text.

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    Doc Stock

    Funeral Programs - .docstoc This straightforward and classic template is available to download at It can easily be customized with personal images and text.

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    More Options from

    Along with some rather peaceful, colorful, and stunning options for programs with space for that loved one's picture that you would pay for at are a few free templates to download.

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    This website offers several plain and basic templates for download. Visit to download a template that meets your needs.

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    Funeral Programs - Funeral-Program-Templates For our last selection, we direct you to You have seven templates there available for download. Some have space to upload images or photos, while others have reverent and appropriate images already embedded.

    We are sorry for your loss, and hopefully, this information has helped you, in some small way, in dealing with the reality of this sorrowful time.