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Need Printable Parking Tickets? Try These Publisher Templates

written by: •edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 10/22/2010

Parking tickets can be formal and professional looking when used to permit lot access to event attendees. They can also be fun and whimsical when they are used as a prank. Following are some free templates that you can download to use in Microsoft Publisher.

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    When to Use

    Parking tickets have many different purposes. You can use them to permit attendees to park at an event such as a wedding reception or a concert. You can use them to provide valet parking to customers and guests. On the other hand, you can use them as gags to scare a friend. No matter how you wish to use them, you can make your own custom tickets free using one of the following parking ticket templates for Microsoft Publisher.

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    Parking Permit

    Parking Ticket Templates: Permit 

    The first in this collection of parking ticket templates is a permit allowing guests or attendees to park at an event. This permit creates four tickets per page. It has sample text for you to replace including the name, date, time and location of the event. Each ticket includes a tear-off stub with similar information. The bottom of the main ticket reads, "Not Responsible For Theft Or Damage To Vehicles Or Contents," which you can customize with your own text as well. The tickets feature a two-toned blue color, but you can apply a custom color scheme if you choose.

    Download Page: MS Publisher Parking Ticket Template: Parking Permit

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    Valet Claim Ticket

    Parking Ticket Templates: Valet 

    Add a touch of class to any event by using this valet parking ticket template. The main section of these tickets have places for the information your valet parkers will need, such as the car check number, license number, make and model and location. The tear-off stub is for the guest and features a line to mark their time in along with the following disclaimer: "Vehicles parked at owner’s risk. Sufficient care is provided but Valet is not responsible for damage due to theft, fire or collision. Articles left in vehicle are done so at owner’s risk." Customize with your own logo, company name or event description.

    Download Link: MS Publisher Parking Ticket Template: Valet Claim Ticket

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    Parking Pass

    Parking Ticket Templates: Pass 

    This parking ticket template is ideal for any event in which attendees must pay for parking. The main section of the ticket has sample text for you to customize, including the name, date, time and location of the event. It states, "Valid only on date issued" and "Display this side facing up on dash of vehicle" along with a sample logo and a text box in which you can enter your business name and contact information. The tear-off stub has places for the date and time of the event and the price of parking. This template prints four to a page.

    Download Link: MS Publisher Parking Ticket Template: Parking Pass

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    Parking Citation

    Parking Ticket Templates: Citation 

    Enjoy the final offering in this list of parking ticket templates at your own risk! It is a phony citation that you can use to play a joke on someone. The ticket is colored in eye-catching yellow and black. The top of the ticket reads, "Violation" and "Parking Ticket" in a large font, but between these two phrases it states, "this is not a" in a much smaller font. Also in small font, it says, "Apparently, you think that you should be able to park wherever you please. We are not the" and then "POLICE DEPARTMENT" in a large font once more. It goes on with, "If we were, we would definitely slap you with a" in small font, "$200 FINE" in large and "Next time, try parking better, buddy." in small font once more.

    It features lines on which you can write down the vehicle's make, model and license as well as the time and date of the "offense." To complete this gag ticket, the bottom reads, "To file a complaint, call: 1.800.YUR.MAMA," in small font, of course. The template prints two tickets per page.

    Download Link: MS Publisher Parking Ticket Template: Parking Citation

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    Check back regularly, as more Microsoft Publisher templates are continuously being added. For more help with Publisher, go to the Bright Hub MS Publisher Tips library.