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A Few of the Best Car Brushes for Photoshop

written by: Amber Neely•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 4/22/2012

There's something about cars that people love, and its a shame that people seem to default to using the same car clip art for all their projects. This article offers up six great - and free - Photoshop car brush packs as an alternative to tired, overused clip art.

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    Photoshop I know a lot about cars, man. I can look at any car's headlights and tell you exactly which way it's coming. - Mitch Hedburg

    If you're working on a car themed project for yourself, for a car enthusiast friend, a child's birthday party, or a bachelor's party, you've probably wanted to use some car graphics. But why resort to that old clip art of pink and green cartoon cars? You should try these free Photoshop car brush packs, which will give a professional twist to all your projects!

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    Old Cars/Bike Designs

    old car bike by VELAVAN If you're looking for a great vintage set of car illustration brushes, you can thank VELAVAN for this great set of Old Cars & Bike. Six classic cars and even a classic motorcycle round out this high resolution set of Photoshop brushes.

    Compatible With: Photoshop CS2 and up

    If used, please credit:

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    On Wheels

    On Wheels by punksafetypin While looking for these brushes, I fell in love with this set of seven brushes called "On Wheels" by punksafetypin. Classic illustrations of cars, trains, bikes, motorcycles, and wagons give a very classic advertisement feel to the set, and just look amazing when added to textured paper.

    Compatible with: Photoshop 7 and up

    If used, please credit:

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    Car Brushes

    Car brushes by stiannius Some of the highest resolution brushes I've come upon in a while, Car Brushes by stiannius look absolutely amazing. This is a set of sleek sports car brushes that would make any project feel sleek and streamlined in no time flat. To me, this just screams "Happy 40th Birthday!" or bachelor party invitation embelishments.

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    Car Set

    Car Set by RazeQ.png RazeQ has created a nice little Car Set for those of you who are looking for a set that includes several different types of cars. Another extremely high-quality set made from high resolution photographs of cars.

    Compatible With: Photoshop CS2 and up

    If used, please credit:

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    Concept Car Brushes

    Concept Car Brushes 1 by zoomanchoo If you're like me and love to see the design process that goes into pretty much anything, I think you'll enjoy Concept Car Brushes by zoomanchoo. I absolutely love this set, as it's hand drawn and 3D renders of concept cars. This has got to be my favorite of the car brushes for sure.

    Compatible With: Photoshop CS and up

    If used, please credit:

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    Large Photoshop Cars & Signs

    Cars and Signs Photoshop Brush by DigitalPhenom Large Photoshop Cars & Signs by DigitalPhenom includes all sorts of cars from classic cars, to retro cars, to modern and sleek sports cars. This set also includes road signs, which fits in well with the car theme. This could easily be applied to all sorts of projects for car lovers, young and old alike.

    Compatible With: Photoshop 7 and up

    If used, please credit: