Five Family Poems for Scrapbooking Projects

Family Scrapbooking

A mother, father, and daughter.

There is no stronger bond than the ones shared between family members. Scrapbooking is a great way to sort of honor your family and preserve cherished memories to be passed down to younger generations to show them their family’s history and what their family is about. Now you may have already begun to put together your family’s scrapbook and noticed that beyond the family pictures and items that it’s missing something to tie all of the elements together. Poems are a great addition to any scrapbook because of the mental imagery they provide or they serve as meaningful space fillers to avoid too many blank spots in your book.

“The Home I Love”

A large family.

"Some homes are quiet, polished, neat

But one I know is far more sweet

Where tiny smudges on the wall

Tell of fingers dear and small.

Where toys are sometimes strewn about

And doors are banging in and out.

Where little children play and sing,

And laughter’s often heard to ring…

The home I love is filled with noise

Of happy little girls and boys!"

This one really stood out to me because it reminded me of all the Thanksgiving’s and Christmas’s that I shared with all my younger cousins and brother and I knew I had to include it. It’s simply a great poem that family isn’t about being stressed about how you act amongst each other because you’re family.

Author: Kay Hoffman


Family Is All You Need

Parents holding their toddler.

"When you’re tiny, like a seed,

Your family is all you need.

It’s like a forest gathered round

an acorn growing on the ground."

Short and simple poems are great for captions under pictures that are particular favorites can add really nice touches to make a complete and lovely page.

Author: Huggy Pup Album


Family Tree

A lovely wall painting family tree.

"Apart we are in many ways, and different we remain.

Though we are still connected, the same blood runs through our veins.

It unites us when we are lost, in dark times it is our key.

Its where each one of us belong, in the (INSERT YOUR FAMILY NAME) Family Tree."

I selected this poem because it stresses the importance of family bonds no matter how separated or far away everyone is from each other which is important to me because of how far away I live from my family and it allows for a little customization to make it a personal poem for your family. This poem in particular would work as a great caption for a page that detail’s your family’s tree.

Author: Hayley Fulton



A family silhouetted at sunset.

"Use this scrapbook to remind,

that wherever you go, our love isn’t far behind.

As memories fill these empty pages,

to preserve them for the ages.

Know our love will find you in distant lands,

even if we can’t hold hands."

I’ve been told that I have certain knack for poetry in the past and I figured I would give it a shot for a subject that is important to me. I wrote this poem as if it was for my own scrapbooking project that I would pass down. I feel that it is a great dedication for families who have kids who are leaving the house soon and want to give them the family’s scrapbook as a reminder to where they’ve come from.

Author: Michael Guerrero


Our Circle

A family reunion portrait.

"Our family is a circle of strength and love.

With every birth and every union the circle grows.

Every joy shared adds more love.

Every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger."

This poem really resonates with me because I truly believe that family bonds are unbreakable and that they can only get stronger as members of the family experience trials and tribulations together.

Author: Unknown


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