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How to Change Font Color in Adobe Photoshop

written by: Amber Neely•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 4/22/2012

Sometimes you need to change the font color in Photoshop. Sure, you might know a quick and easy way to do this, but did you know there is more than one way to do it? This tutorial will show you a few quick and easy alternative methods to adjust font color in Photoshop.

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    Forward About This Tutorial

    This Tutorial Uses Adobe Phohotshop CS4 This tutorial is written with beginners in mind, and requires very little knowledge about Photoshop and will walk you through a very basic process of using Adobe Photoshop to change font color. This tutorial also uses Adobe Photoshop CS4, but will easily work with any version from Photoshop 7.0+.

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    The Type Tool and Text in Photoshop

    The Type Tool Icon in Adobe Photoshop The type tool is the feature in Photoshop that allows you to add text to your image. You can format the text just like in word processors, changing the the style, color, font size, alignment, line spacing, and several other things. It is located in the side toolbar and is a point and click tool.

    Simply select the type tool, click on your canvas where you would like the text to go. A blinking cursor will appear, and this is where you type your text. You can use the settings in the top toolbar to change settings like font face, font style, and font size. All text is automatically created on its own text layer. Because text is easily edited on its own layer, you cannot use tools such as the paint bucket, or any brushes to recolor it while it is still treated as a text layer.

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    The Basic Method

    The easiest way to change the color of your font in Photoshop is simply to click and drag over your text to select it. Your text will be highlighted in a black box.

    Dragging through the text to select it 

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    Upon doing this, you can then double-click on the foreground swatch to bring up the color picker.

    Foreground and background swatch icon 

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    Select the color of the font you would like to use by clicking on the color picker.

    The color picker in Photoshop 

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    When finished, simply click on the text layer again to see your font color changed.

    Font Color Changed in just a few steps! 

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    Changing Individual Parts of Words

    Sometimes you might want to change a few simple letters for a logo or just a generally neat text effect. This is also pretty simple! Here's a great example.

    Changing the color of just a part of text. 

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    You can also select just a single portion of text by clicking and dragging across it. You can do this for individual words or letters. You can see that this time, Photoshop has stepped in and highlighted the letters in white, so you can tell which you've selected.

    Selecting just a portion of text to change 

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    And then double-click on the foreground swatch to bring up the color pallet and select the color you would like to use.

    Selecting the color to use for your text 

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    This method allows you to create a piece of text that has different colors inside of it, which can make for great effects!

    The completed effect of changing the color on a specific part of the text. 

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