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How to Write a Worthy Certificate of Appreciation for All Occasions

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 4/29/2010

Interested in learning how to write a certificate of appreciation? Although there are many different reasons and occasions to produce one of these documents destined for a frame, once you read the succinct tutorial below, you will realize how easy the process is.

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    Design Considerations and Samples to Make it Easier

    So you need to know how to write a certificate of appreciation for a deserving recipient and perhaps you’re in a hurry. The fact is, you can find one in template form on the web in a lot of different places. That means that all the design work, with the smart looking border, and the zone of attention leading the eye right to the middle of it (where the recipient’s name is prominently displayed) to read the stated cause that merited this award.

    A template award form, such as this, can simply be downloaded into a software application like Microsoft Word, and then all you need do is customize it with the details of the organization presenting the certificate, and the recipient’s name, along with any relevant titles. And of course, the explanation of why this person deserves recognition, words reflecting the laudable behavior, actions, or service which benefited the company or organization that will present it.

    Microsoft Office Online has a good supply of templates for this quick and easy desktop publishing project. You can use them whether you want to do the project yourself, or even if you want to outsource the design and creation of the certificate. For the latter, you can just take a look at all the different templates they offer as examples of the kind of writing you want to have on yours (check out the example below). A broad range of categories is covered, so the specific reason you need it might just be right there for you already. Either way, read Template for a Certificate of Appreciation to be connected with that resource.

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    How to Write a Certificate of Appreciation Using Concise, Grateful Language

    C of A Award The writing, or wording really (because this language will most-likely be printed on the document whether you have it custom-made by a printer or do it yourself), will differ to some degree depending upon the rationale behind it. However, you will mostly see some of the same universal language on one of these. Words such as “For outstanding service to", “In recognition of commitment to a standard of excellence", or “In recognition of ______’s outstanding contribution to _____" would be appropriate for your purposes.

    Perhaps more formal verbiage such as “Be it known that upon the recommendation of title and name of official giving the award, the recipient is hereby honored with the utmost gratitude for their selfless service/ loyalty/excellence to the company/organization." The easiest, no frills document would simply have the title Certificate of Appreciation in a larger font near the center mass. And under that, This Certificate is awarded to Name of Recipient and under that, in recognition of valuable contributions. Then the presenter just signs and dates it at the bottom. That exact certificate is provided in the other article mentioned above.

    Awards for employee of the month, worthy contribution to a project, outstanding student, and many more, all fall under the umbrella of an award of this type and are also straightforward wording. Other keywords such as teamwork, dedication, outstanding vision, talent, commitment of time, support, and inspiration, might be in order for your purposes too.

    The bottom line is to use writing that reflects how much that award winner means to the person, company, or organization that feels the need to present it. Along the same lines as this project would be the need to write a recommendation letter for a deserving person who asks you for it. We’ve got you covered there too. Read Personal Reference Letter of Recommendation Tutorial to learn all about that. But as far as the project we outlined here, just make the certificate reflect genuine sincerity and thankfulness, and you will achieve the purpose of giving credit where credit is due.

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