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Creating One-of-a-Kind New Year's-Themed Banners

written by: KateG•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 12/31/2009

If you want to make a banner that grabs attention this New Year's, try these tips. They will help your desktop publishing work get the attention they deserve.

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    Banners are a great way to get the word out. A banner has a good chance of being read by anyone who happens to walk or drive by it. That means a whole lot of people will be seeing your work. Since this is your best shot at being visible to the general public you will want it to be amazing. You will want it to be special. You will want it to be highly memorable. To do that, you need to stay as far away from cliché images as possible. What are the two most cliché images associated with New Year's Eve? The party hat and noise maker combo and of course, the baby New Year. If you use these as a professional you may as well just make the text of that banner read, “I’m phoning it in today folks!” If that is not exactly the message that you are trying to send, read on for two tips that can help your banner really stand out.

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    The Tips

    Choose a Simple Background Image

    You need to pick a simple image that you can use for the background of the banner. Your biggest issues here are size and quality. You need to get an image that has the same ratio of height to width as your banner. That way when you scale you will not get blown out. The next thing is quality. Get the highest quality image. That way, when you make it large you won’t lose quality, even if you make it transparent. That way your text will stand out. After all, the message is important. Choose one like clocks or fireworks.

    Pick the Font Wisely

    Choose your font. At a long distance ornate fonts become a mess. You want readability so choose something that is clear at a distance. Also look at the angle. If it will be hung straight vertically then go black. Do not use bubble fonts. At the wrong angles they will be distorted.

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    Now that you have some idea of how to make a great New Years theme banner you can go ahead and wow both your clients and the general population. Just don’t forget to add in some of your signature style.