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Company Holiday Party Invitations

written by: Camesha White•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 11/19/2009

Is the company budget tight this year? Create invitations for your company holiday party this year with Publisher and save your business money!

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    With Publisher there is more than one way to create an invitation for your company holiday party. Here I will explain the two most simple methods...

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    Method 1: Invitation Cards

    1. In an open Publisher program, in the left-hand side panel, click Invitation Cards. The Invitation Card templates will appear in the middle pane.
    2. Take a look at the links located at the top of the middle pane. Click Holiday Party to view all holiday party invitation templates. Click a template to take a closer look and view its formatting options.
    3. Once you have chosen a template, click Create. Here is where you can add names, personal, and/or company information. You can also apply more detailed formatting changes, add pictures or anything else would like to your invitation.
    4. If at anytime you would like to change the template or other general formatting options click Change Template in the left side panel.
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    Method 2: Postcards

    This method doesn’t differ much from the method described above. Postcards are helpful for larger companies, extra guests, and if the party will be held in a location other than the company building.

    To begin, click Postcards, and then Holiday Party Invitations. Click a postcard to take a closer look.

    1. In the right side panel take a look at the Side 2 information in the Options box. There are a variety of options here. I would suggest clicking the Map option. This option is beneficial the invitation you feel is best for announcing the holiday party.
    2. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 from above.

    Extra Tips

    When viewing the Invitation Cards Templates consider using the Theme Party or Celebration templates. This is very beneficial if throwing a 2-in-1 party. You can celebrate the holiday, as well as meeting the yearly company goal. This way is also best if you would like to make formatting or text changes you would like without altering the overall effect of the invitation or template.

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    Creating the perfect invitation for the company party is critical as it can determine whether someone will want to return to future holiday parties. Make the company holiday party memorable and start things off on a good foot by presenting your employees and guests with an invite they can cannot refuse. As you plan the company party, strongly consider using Publisher to create your invitations, you will not be disappointed.