Save Money This Season and Send Your Christmas Postcards Using Publisher

Choosing a Postcard Template

In an open Publisher program, click Postcards located in the left side bar. The post card templates will appear in the middle pane. From here you can click the Holiday Greeting or Holiday Thank You link, or scroll down to have a look at all of the postcard templates.

Keep in Mind: If you would like to be more creative, any of the postcard templates can be formatted and edited to fit the desired standards. This will take more time and effort, but in return you will have created a more memorable and personal postcard for your recipient.

To take a closer look at any of the templates, click it and a close-up of the chosen template will appear in the right side panel. Here you can change things such as color scheme, font, and the postcard size. A handy feature is the numerous options for side two. You can add photos and additional text. Once you have decided on a postcard, click Create and your postcard will open with your formatting options.

Formatting Options

There are quite a number of different routes you can take with your postcard. In the left panel are Page Options, Color Schemes, Font Schemes, and Postcard Options. Here are a few tips:

Add a family photo or Christmas photo from the previous year’s holiday celebration. It can be whatever you choose. To do this click Insert, then Picture. You can retrieve it from your computer, camera, or a scanner. You can also insert ClipArt, Autoshapes, and WordArt here.

Search for quotes, verses, poems, and other heartfelt messages to personalize the postcard. Although it may take a few extra minutes it is well worth it to let the recipient know how important they are to you.

The most important tip is, don’t be afraid to experiment a bit. Publisher is a very easy program to operate and any mistakes can easily be fixed. Taking a chance be just what your postcard needs.


Creating a postcard with Publisher is easy, time-saving, and money-saving. With its user-friendly formatting options, you can send Christmas postcards to all of your friends and family all over the world without putting a dent in your pocket.