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Top Seven Websites for Free GIMP Plugins

written by: Camesha White•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 9/12/2011

Want to get the most out of your GIMP application? This article offers a lucky seven batch of websites where you can find the latest free plugins for GIMP.

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    This is the number one site to find free Gimp plugins. This site offers plugins for web design (logos, borders, text effects) and photography (adding copyright text, refocusing, fixing red-eye). If you would prefer to create your own Gimp plugin there are also links to download plugin templates and tutorials to guide you through the creating process.

    Gimp Plugin Registry

    Although this site offers an abundant amount of plugins for the Gimp user, all of them are not listed on the opening page. To find the plugin your looking for it may require some searching through the posts. No sign-n or membership is needed for downloading plugins, but to upload plugins of your own you must create an account. There are also forums to help if you may run into any issues with the extension.

    FX Foundry

    Although a minimalist site, it offers the latest news and downloads for the Gimp program. For up to the minute updates concerning Gimp’s plugins and other products, this is the place to be.


    This site offers an extensive list of Gimp plugins and extras. The choices are overwhelming. Who says you can wish for more wishes? This site is perfect for the Gimp lover and developer.


    This site focuses mainly on Gimp collage plugins and graphic applications. Although this site offers an abundance of extras, be weary as there is a lot of fluff as well. Plugins you must pay for is mixed with the free ones.


    A perfect website for anything Gimp related. File Transit offers individual plugins, plugin packages, tutorials, and tons of other Gimp resources.

    Wilbers Wiki

    This wiki is more so for the developers and programmers who would like to contribute to the creation of Gimp plugins. Upon opening the page you will presented with a chunk of information, scroll down to view the available plugins.

    Gimp’s open source capability is perfect for the developer and techie alike. The sites above are the best places to find free Gimp plugins. Start trying some of them out today to take your Gimp application to the next level.

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