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Binding Each Party

Your event agreement should definitely include some boilerplate language to cover both parties which usually consists of the establishment where the event will be held (Service Provider/Site) and the group or organization that is sponsoring or holding the affair (Event Requestor). For example, say that you own a small business and want to hold your Christmas party at the Acme Restaurant and Lounge. For both parties concerned, it’s highly advisable to have an agreement in place to safeguard against unpleasant or unforeseen contingencies.

Since our Bright Hub channel endeavors to provide small businesses with cost-effective or free resources to create hundreds of different and highly useful documents that are sometimes necessary to conduct business, here is another resource gathered with that end in mind. This particular type of agreement can be used whether you’re the company or organization that wants to hold the event or you’re a restaurant or any other kind of site capable of providing the site for that event.

Since it might be prudent to have something like a brochure on hand for either party, check out the article dedicated to showing you how to make your own here; Free Brochure Templates to Promote Your Small Business. At the bottom of that piece you’ll see links to articles pinpointing all kinds of other template resources ranging from marketing materials to invoices and business forms.

The language needed in this type of event contract (other than the obvious parties involved and the date of the event) should include clauses regarding Deposit and Cancellation; Guarantee of Attendance; Service Charges and Sales Tax; Menu considerations; and Liability.

If you’re a caterer or restaurant in need of one of these contracts, check out the resources available to you at Also offering easy fill in the blank capabilities are the sample agreements available for customization at and Many places in your local area that tend to hold such events have the agreement they normally use online so a Google the establishments you’re thinking about using to see if one is already available for perusal and use. With that, good luck with the planning and execution of your gathering.