The Best QuarkXpress Xtensions for Free

Here are the seven best websites for finding free Quark Xtensions. I have performed the searches for you, so all you have to do is click on the link to be taken directly to the Quark Xtensions each of these sites offers. It will not come as much of a surprise that I begin this list with Quark's home on the Web:

This is the official Quark site and it should be the first place you go on your search for free Xtensions. It is the most trusted place to look for free Quark Xtensions because here you know the extensions are licensed and safe.

This would be the second safest place to search for your free Xtensions. In the left sidebar categorize your results by license type and click Free. There are also tons of other downloads for a variety of systems and applications. Navigating this site is a breeze, so have fun browsing.

This site offers bundles of extensions or individual ones for specific functions. In addition to the Xtensions, there are also descriptions that explain what each extension and/or upgrade does.

This site offers extensions compatible with the program FotoliaXT. Be sure to have a translating tool when choosing this extension, as the site is in German.

This site offers Quark extensions and upgrades for versions 4 through 7. I personally like this site because it focuses more on the experienced Quark user as opposed to the beginner.

This site is rather simple. It offers long and short descriptions of the extensions and answer questions such as: What does the extension do? With what applications is it compatible? Why do customers use this product? Although the Xtensions are few, the information is very thorough.

This site doesn’t offer a large of amount of extensions. The majority of the downloads are updates and enhancer utilities. But there is tons of software for any operating system. Take a look around!


These are only a few of the sites that house Quark Xtensions–and there many more sites that offer free Quark Xtensions. Taking advantage of these extensions will not only enhance your Quark program, they can also increase its overall performance. If you are a serious Quark user this article is definitely worth bookmarking.