Make Your Own Coloring Book Using this Microsoft Word How To Guide

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To begin click the Insert tab located above the Ribbon. On Insert toolbar, click Clip Art. The Clip Art search options will open in the right hand sidebar. In the Search for: field, type “halloween”. You can perform a search for specific images, but this way yields the greatest amount of results. Leave the Search in: field as is (more results this way), and in the Results should be: drop down menu, uncheck Photographs, Movies, and Sounds. Return to the top and click Go, your results will be displayed below.

A few choices are skulls, witches, candy, pumpkins, and black cats (although no room for coloring here, it would make a fun cutout or addition to the coloring pages). If you aren’t satisfied with the results (although I’m sure you will be), located below are links to help with finding more clip art. You can also organize your clipart here.

Formatting the Coloring Pages

Since clipart images are normally in color, the first thing you should do immediately after choosing an image is recolor it. This simply means changing the color. It’s necessary in order to make the image suitable to use as a coloring page. To do this, select your image. The picture’s formatting options will appear on the ribbon, click Recolor. A drop down menu will appear with your color options, for the best results, I suggest only using the Grayscale or Black and White options.

It’s possible you will want to make your image larger or smaller. If you have never worked with images before, selecting the image and clicking and dragging one of the small circles in its corners will alter the size. You can also rotate the image, this feature is great for the ghost images (gives the impression that they are flying).

If after making your changes you realize you’ve went too far to use the undo utility, simply click Reset Picture (located on the format toolbar). This will restore the picture to its original state. Once you have successfully made all changes, print the number of copies you will need. To insert more clipart or make more coloring pages, just repeat the steps above.

Creating Halloween coloring pages can be the perfect holiday activity for you and the children! To add fun to your home or classroom this season, open your Word program and get started!