5 Great Chalkboard Fonts for Back-to-School Typefaces

Chalkboard Fonts for Back-to-School Projects

Teachers and other educators can use a variety of fonts to give their desktop publishing projects a more scholastic feel. This article highlights five very useful fonts that may be installed in either Windows or Mac operating systems. These chalkboard fonts either appear like chalk written on a board or as actual decorative type fonts that feature an actual chalkboard.

Squeaky Chalk Sound


This lovely font gives the effect of someone writing on a chalkboard. It comes both in capital and small letters, as well as numbers, punctuation marks, and some extended characters. The font is designed by Anke-Art.

Download Squeaky Chalk Sound

LCR School Daze


Looking for a decorative chalkboard font? The LCR School Daze type can certainly fit the bill as it features a blackboard with an apple and books to give that very academic feel that may be used for projects by teachers. It only comes in all capital letters and numbers. It is designed by LeChefRene.

Download LCR School Daze

Eraser Font


If you like the chalkboard-look type, then the Eraser Font is a great one that you can download for free. It only comes in all capital letters, as well as numbers, punctuation marks, and a handful of extended characters. But, this can definitely give your projects a good look. You can also download a similar font called Eraser Dust. Both fonts are designed by David Rakowski.

Download Eraser Font

JLR School Slate Font


This decorative chalkboard font features a doodle effect. They’re great for creating titles and headers on projects that need a child-friendly or scholastic feel. It is designed by GorillaBlu. It comes in all capital letters.

Download JLR School Slate Font

AEZ Chalkboard


Here’s another decorative chalkboard font featuring a blackboard that is on an angle, as well as a chalk. This font only comes in all capital letters. It is designed by Adult Ramblings.

Download AEZ Chalkboard