Create a Summer School Homework Planner with Publisher

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Upon opening Publisher, click on the Calendars thumbnail located in the middle pane, and a host of calendar templates will appear. If you would like to take a closer look at a template, simply click it and a larger view of the template will appear in the pane on the right, along with your formatting options.

Here, there is a Customize box where you can change the color and font of your chosen template and an Options box with more specific options. These options include changing the page size (for your homework planner, use the landscape option), timeframe (select the One month per page circle), and calendar dates. Since this will only be needed for summer school, the calendar date option is perfect. To use it simply click on Set Calendar Dates. A dialog box will appear with drop down menus to let you choose the desired months and year. Lastly, located at the bottom of the Options box is an Include schedule of events check box. Clicking this box will make your calendar display smaller, but gives you extra space to record sporting events, recitals, and other school related activities.

After you have chosen a template that suites you, click Create to open your template. If at any time you would like to change your template or its properties simply click Calendar Options located in the left hand side bar. There are also a large variety of formatting options located here as well.

To begin inserting homework assignments, click on the textbox containing the date the homework assignment is to be due, and simply type the entry however you would like it to appear and you’re done!

Also notice…

A large majority of the templates are geared toward businesses so there will be sections that ask for business name, email, etc. Don’t worry, if you like the template, use it. You can remove these sections (after creating the template) later by simply clicking on the section (be sure you are selecting the textbox itself and not the text) and pressing the delete button.

If you would like to experiment more with your homework planner and for more helpful advice, click here.