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15 Free Fonts Used by Popular Brands

written by: Haley Montgomery•edited by: Daniel P. McGoldrick•updated: 6/30/2009

Ever wondered what the fonts are for popular brand logos like Coca-Cola, Hersheys, or Yahoo? This article features 15 downloadable free fonts that are "knock-offs" of recognizable brands. They are an eye-catching addition to DTP projects like flyers, ad promotions, posters, or party invitations.

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    5 Brand Fonts

    Piggy-backing the appeal of popular brands is a great way to generate interest about your DTP projects. It can add some humor into your design, as well as cause viewers to stop and look more carefully. It can be difficult to recreate the look of a logo font where you only see a few letters, but for these 15 brands, you don't have to. These typeface "knock-offs" are available as a free font download in both Mac and Windows versions.

    As with any established logo, copyright infringement is an important concern. Don't recreate existing brands exactly for use in your projects without permission of the copyright and trademark holders.

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    This typeface resembles the signature font of the Dallas Cowboys. Just add some stars and you have the makings of a record-breaking tailgate promotion.

    Download COWBOYS here.

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    The hand-written look of the popular beverage font has a care-free and summery feel. Its all lower-case format makes it a good choice for informal event promotions. Be careful as it gets small since it may hinder readability.

    Download FRUITOPIA here.

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    The brand font for Honda is extra wide and bold--the perfect headline font. It's a great look for athletic-centered projects as well.

    Download HONDA FONT here.

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    This one is a take-off on the typeface used by Pizza Hut and offers a unique style for DTP projects.

    Download HOT PIZZA here.

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    This free font has "yummy" written all over it with the unmistakable look of the American chocolate-maker. It's perfect for dinner party invitations, dessert cooking class promotions and even Valentine's Day.

    Download HURSHEYS here.

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    The signature font for Jolly Ranchers is a great sanserif font option for your desktop publishing projects.

    Download JOLLY RAUNCHY here.

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    This font used in the Kit Kat candy bar logo would be great for customized wedding candy favors.

    Download KITTY KAT here.

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    This take on the iconic Coca-Cola font is timeless in it's appeal. Use it for team tee shirts or church weekend retreat themes.

    Download LOKICOLA here.

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    This one makes you want to break out a tall glass of milk just looking at it. It would make a fun look for kids parties since the outline format is a great option for coloring.

    Download OREOS here.

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    Kids of all ages can identify with this classic candy maker font. The distinct stripes and drop shadow give it a trademark look. Limit this one to larger text, however, and use it small doses to maintain its power without overwhelming.

    Download PEZ here.

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    This font is a "knock-off" of the typeface used Rolling Stone magazine's title block. It has obvious cultural associations for a wide range of audiences.

    Download ROYAL ACID BATH here.

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    This font used by the popular watch maker is a great option for 80s themed projects like party invitations, restaurant or bar promotions and game nights.

    Download SWATCH IT here.

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    Nothing says reliability and longevity like the font used on American money. Because of its heaviness, this one is not a good choice for lots of text since it will be hard to read.

    Download UNITED STATES here.

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    The font used by Isuzu has very futuristic and high-tech look. It's a great option for newspaper ads because of its boldness.

    Download USUZI here.

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    The search engine giant's funky font has a fun summertime feel but also maintains an innovative corporate look.

    Download YAHOO here.